Dragon Ball the Breakers: How to Bind Bandai Account to get free emotion

In Dragon Ball the Breakers, players can earn various cosmetic awards, moving in the game. Some of these cosmetics, such as the ROKU salute and the emotion of the merger, can be obtained for free, and you just need to take a few steps. There is also a system of codes that allows players to receive interesting awards, simply introducing certain codes of objects. Here’s how to unlock the ROKU greeting and the emotion of Fusion in Dragon Ball the Breakers.

How to get the emotion Greeting Roku in Dragon Ball the Breakers?

Dragon Ball the Breakers has a function with which you can earn the emotion of Roku’s Salute, simply contacting your identifier Banzai NAMC. Follow the instructions below to complete this process and get a cult emotion.

Interact with orange code bot * in the main area


Select the last option that says Betting the identifier Banzai NAMC
* The QR code pops up on the screen, which must be scored with a mobile device
* The link is redirected to the entrance portal to Banzai NAMC.
* Enter the system using the registered Banzai NAMC identifier, or create an account if you do not have it.
* As soon as you enter the system with the Banzai NAMC identifier, the award will be issued.
Visit a blue mail bot next to the code bot, and you will find Greetings ROKU Emotion and one ticket to pump the spirit in messages

Code Dragon Ball the Breakers to unlock emotions Fusion

The emotion of Fusion is a little difficult to get, and you will need friends in the game to get this cosmetic award. To cause the emotion of Fusion Dance, go to the orange code bot in the main gaming z1. Interact with the bot and select the first option give out the code of the friend’s link .

You will receive a unique code that you can share with six friends. It is important to remember that everyone will receive unique five-digit code . Now share this code with a friend and ask him to share with you your Friend Link code. Interact with the bot again and select Enter the Code of the Friend Links . You will need to enter your friend’s code, and they must enter yours in order to get a reward for the emotion of Fusion Dance. Check the blue mail bot nearby to get a cosmetic object from your messages.

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