League of Legends reveals the last new champion Xante in 2022

Riot Games unveiled the teaser of the 162 champion ‘Dante’ in League of Legends (Roll).

The details of the teaser video are not revealed, but the previously mentioned Riot Games, Dante is being developed as a top liner and tanker. The appearance of the teaser in the teaser video also emphasizes a large upper body.

Dante’s ability can be estimated through the 2023 development status update released by Riot in August 2022. Dante is from NUMA, a city in the Shrimp region, and NUMA is the only independent area that does not obey Air.

NUMA developed with oasis and had to go through a monster to occupy the area. Dante was the head of a group that hunts these monsters, and hunted the largest monster ever and made a huge blunt ‘Entropy’ with the leather. Entropy has a blunt that can be defensive, but it can break the weapon at any time to reveal the blade in detail. It is assumed that the situation can be transformed by stacking or using skills.


Dante is the last champion of Roll, which is updated in 2022. As the ‘2022 World Championship’, which is currently a large e-sports’ event, is in progress, Knew Santa’s detailed information is likely to appear on the final stage.