Daughter training simulation Volcanos daughter trial version Play repormentation system and graphics, all the stories are too attractive! [Steam Next Festival]

VALVE is holding Steam Next Fe’s October Edition at Steam from October 4, 2022, Japan time.

This event will be held in the game to be distributed at steam and live stream distribution by developers. Hundreds of kinds can be played with the trial version alone, so you may be worried just by looking around the lineup.

Therefore, GAMESPARK will pick up what you are interested in from the works that are being distributed at the event. This time, we will introduce the publisher CAMERA GAMES, the development simulation game Volcano’s Daughter * by Egg Hatcher.

My daughter training SLG What is Volcano’s Daughter?

It is a simulation game that raises her daughter who has lost her mother as a father. The stage, which is the stage, is flourished, respects the knight spirit, swords and magic, and worships the goddess of volcanic.

Players teach their daughter’s study and play since childhood, and grow their status through interaction with people and events in the city. The daughter eventually goes to school and grows up as a knight egg that protects the country while nurturing friendship with her friends. The game is multi-ending, and the ending varies depending on the judgment as a father and the growth of the daughter.

The trial version was released on October 3, 2022, prior to the Steam Next Festival. It has attracted a lot of attention, including appearing at the top of this festival, which is popular in this festival. In the trial version, you can experience your daughter’s training part and battle part, and you can enjoy the play time of about 30 to 45 minutes.

A daughter who lost her mother as a child. How do you raise your father?

The story starts with memories of the protagonist and his wife, Luka. A couple, who has been met for 10 years, seems to have a baby soon. In the conversation with Luka here, the name of hero and baby and her birthdate, blood type are determined, and then the story progresses five years later, when the story is the stage of the story.

Spring days when my wife died, and my daughter turned 5 years old. The protagonist sets his goal to fulfill his duties as a respectable father. When I went to the room to see her daughter, she hid something under the bed in a hurry. Here, she chooses a conversation with her daughter, and her reputation for her father changes.

The game is a method that determines the schedule from the class screen every month. My daughter has five basic status, constitution, intelligence, emotion, and imagination and three levels of ability, brain, and charm. Since the ability grows different for each lesson, let’s decide according to the training policy that the player aims. You can also get the skills by sorting the points you have acquired.

In addition, it is possible to go out to various facilities from the following month. The facility allows you to increase your status by consuming your actions. In the first family restaurant, you can listen to the story of a bard to increase the status of emotions, and pay for it and restore your action. Going is a chance to improve your abilities and get items until you run out of action.

After six months of childhood, the country is held in the country, Motor Day. Parents and children participate in the festival and have an unexpected accident on the way home. And the story is seven years later… when my daughter turned 12 years old.

The growing daughter goes to school to the Knight’s path.

She has grown up, and she decides to go on the path to her knight, longing for a popular female knight, Rebels, in the city. She seems to have decided to go to the Knight Gain. In the 12-year-old edition, the outing will change into a form of a daughter act alone (at home, parents and children can interact). The daughter who has grown into an old woman seems to be secretly adventure in the area where the monster lives.

In the adventure area, she fights the monsters while selecting the route. In the battle, it is a form of fighting enemies while choosing weapons and defense within the action. The daughter has a minimum wooden sword or bow, but she has no skills and gradually consumes, and she goes through some areas and the HP runs out and withdraws. She seems to have a limit to fighting alone.

In the 12-year-old edition, a new element appeared as a new element. By becoming more than a friend through conversations and events, you will be invited to a specific character as an adventure companion. And she realizes that her daughter is there… I have no friends. sad.


And the day of entering the Knight Taken of fate. The school seems to have classes in eight fields, including swordsmanship, academic, and art. You also have to choose the lord to serve as a knight egg. The lord who can choose is a female knight, Rebels, who is the longing of her daughter, but she is also her princess, so she can suddenly become a knight of the royal family.

The trial version is over when the lord to serve and the major goals of this work have been revealed. The person who defeats the monster aiming for defeat can marry a princess, but for some reason her daughter is curious. Maybe this is one possibility of multi-ending…?

In the Volcano’s Daughter trial version, you can only experience the basic elements of the game, but it is very easy to understand and attractive as a training simulation, such as orthodox training systems, cute graphics, and stories that are worrisome. 。

According to the development, the trial version is said to be I want you to play once to the end . The play time of the trial version is about 40 minutes, so if you are worried, please play once. Personally, when I chose a break for the childhood, I would like to have a very gentle atmosphere where my father chooses and reads her daughter.

Volcano’s Daughter will be distributed to PC (Steam). Steam Next Festival October Edition will be held until 2:00 am on October 11, Japan time.