[Planning] Latte is the basic first generation, Pokemons title tier ranking

Pokémon is a popular IP worldwide. It is easy to meet with cartoons, games, and various goods, and Pokémon Game Competition is held overseas. In August, the Pokémon World Championship, which was canceled as Corona, was held in the UK in two years.

You can see Pokémon in various fields, but I think the game is the most popular. The Pokémon Game Series has been released in 1996, starting with Pokémon Red, Green, which was first released in 1996. In addition, in November, the 9th generation ‘Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’ will be released.

As it is a long-lived game after 20 years, the age group of users who like Pokémon games is relatively diverse. If you look at the generation of your favorite Pokémon game, there is a funny story that you can roughly measure your age. As there are many users who like Pokémon around me, let’s take a look at the Pokémon titles they think.

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■ Fundamental 1st generation

A friend selected the first generation of the first generation that he admitted to the user who had played a Pokémon game a little. I asked for a reason, so I could feel serious in the attitude of A friend who deals with Pokémon.

First, Pokémon cartoons, which I saw on television as a child, were produced based on the first generation. At that time, all the elements of the Pokémon cartoons, character, design, and story were fresh, so it was fun. However, A friend said that he had rarely seen the comics of the generation since then. Asked why, most of the series contents said that since the framework does not deviate significantly from the original, the story is not new and new. Of course, the detailed elements that support the flow of the story depend on the series, but the context of the story, which is the basis of cartoons, is the same.

As a result, even if you like Pokémon, you will be tired of the same repertoire, and the freshness you felt through the first generation was gradually disappearing. In the end, it was said that other generations outside the first generation could not feel that they seemed to be derived from the first generation. This thought was also continued when playing games, so the series was rarely done after the first generation.

The second reason is that Pokémon’s design becomes boring. In particular, from the fifth generation, the unique design of ‘Pokémon’ feels like it is getting ridiculous. Looking at the previous first generation Pokémon, it is designed to reveal the nature of the Pokémon well, so it feels like it is alive. However, as the new title is released, the design becomes more complicated so that it is difficult to predict what type of type.

After all, even if a lot of titles come out, I can’t beat the original. Especially because I was a friend of art, I was very careful about Pokémon’s design. And I talked to me in a similar ranking, making it easier to understand. I also like Pokémon, but the biggest reason for the remake version of the 4th generation is because of the strange Pokémon design. Perhaps most people who think about me are called the basic and can’t adapt to the new title.

■ Fundamental 1 tablespoon, a spoon of remake


‘Pokémon’ can’t be missed. This is a reporter of the IT team who played the most Pokémon title among my acquaintances. He placed Omega Ruby, the 3rd generation Sapphire, and the Emerald 4th generation PT on the first generation of blue, silver and third generation Ruby.

He likes the blue title the most, and he is the hardest time when the third generation sapphire and omega Ruby were released. In particular, the fourth generation first encountered PT, which I think of a masterpiece, so the other fourth generation title is not hand. He has a Result Eve edition switch, but the title is placed in C and asked why.

The Retro series is the title that remakes the first generation title. As a result, you can see the system you used in the first generation as it is, and you can see that the individual value of the battle system and Pokémon is quite simplified. For reporter B, who likes the battle system, these parts of the Retro series were quite unfortunate.

As he was a reporter who was almost all the titles, from the first generation to the latest Legend Areas, the credibility of the titles he selected on the S tier has increased. And there’s a title that I didn’t encounter, so I wanted to play later. Looking at the ranking, I found out that the titles were relatively recently released. Perhaps the latest title is almost missing a battle system. This ninth generation is looking forward to seeing what the Battler B will listen as the new battle system ‘terrace’ is added.

■ There is a reason for receiving a lot of acclaim

When a friend C played the least title compared to the first introduced, he played only the net exhausts. Among the fourth generation titles released in Korea for the first time in Korea, PT and the story were selected for many users for many users. The 4th generation of Pokémon is the 10th anniversary of the Pokémon Series, and it is very popular not only in Korea but also abroad. C friend C was also one of the users introduced at that time.

When I first encountered the PT, I thought it would have not changed much as it was the expansion of Diarugawa Pearl GIA, but I was fascinated by seeing the reversal world of PT title Pokémon Grating. In addition, DP said that the vision technology ‘wave riding’ was almost walking, but it seemed to have been improved in the PT, and it seemed to have been packed with convenience.

The fifth-generation White also selected the story as the most interesting factor. He said that the ideology and story of the fifth-generation main villain and rival ‘N’ is attractive. He was an unhappy villain, and he said that the deeper story than before.

The title I chose by a friend C was the title that was ranked in the rankings when I asked users in their 20s who had tried Pokémon. There seems to be a reason that many people recommend as masterpieces. As such, the title that thinks is a masterpiece according to the taste of people is different. Various titles were selected from the first generation to the third generation remake. Their commonality is that the titles they really played more fun at that time seemed more memorable than the recent titles.

In November, the 9th generation title will be released in three years. In particular, the ninth generation is the first open world, so you will be able to enjoy adventures on the largest stage of the title. In recent years, ‘Sea’, reminiscent of the first-generation Pokémon ‘Did’, which is familiar to Pokémon users, has emerged, raising expectations. In addition, as there are various elements such as Raid Battle and Multiply, we are looking forward to seeing how many users can target.