The original GBA game of Dune Sand Planet, which was stored 20 years ago, is distributed!

Based on the SCI-Fi work Dune Sand Planet ( Dune ), the development started in 2001, but for various reasons, the game DUNE for the game boy dwarf. Ornithopter Assault], but Eland: The Crystal Wars , which has been revived as an original work after about 20 years, will appear on Steam soon.

In October last year, the Kickstarter campaign was implemented, and the goal was achieved, and set up on a harsh desert planet Eland, which is out of the galaxy, and confront enemies aiming for this planetary resource. The Steam version is an enhanced emulation version, which can use save/road and the latest game controller support, full control remaining, image scaling and smoothing options.

Although the content related to Dune Sand Planet has been deleted due to license issues, the developers may be able to deliver the projects that have been ambition to the gamer’s hands. Steam version Eland: The Crystal Wars will be distributed on October 4.