How to make plants grow faster in terraria

It is not surprising that plants are vital for terr aria. Growing seeds in seedlings and sprouts is the main aspect of the gameplay, especially because some plants generate the resources that you will need in the early stages of the gameplay. This is how you can make your favorite plants grow rapidly.

How to quickly grow seeds in terr aria

place, place, place

There are several aspects of landing that will change the speed of plant growing, but the most important of them is reduced to the location. You must make sure that your plants have enough vertical and horizontal space around them. If there is another plant or tree next to your seedling, it will not grow. Each tree should be at a distance of three quarters from everything else, so that it has enough space for growth.

You must also make sure that you plant your seeds on a surface with a vertical space of at least 16 squares. Keep torches and backgrounds away from your trees, and they must germinate as soon as possible.

On this note, pay attention to the boom from which the plant occurred. Some plants, such as Moon glow, require a certain soil for growth.


estimate growth time

To grow all plants in the game requires a different amount of time, usually from one to three days. If you need a ton of plants at the same time, it is best to adhere to Day bloom, since this requires only grass, and its growing requires the shortest time from all other plants. Water leaf seems to be one of the most slowly growing plants in the game.

In fact, rapid cultivation of plants in Terr aria requires planning and patience. What is your favorite plant in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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