NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 Review: The game got better, but my wallet hurts

NBA 2k23 has been officially released. The “NBA 2K” series, as the best and almost the only mainstream basketball simulation game on the market, is accompanied by the proud income of Take-Two’s annual financial report, which is the controversy brought about by the New Year’s goods. After playing for a while, I will briefly discuss this year’s experience.

Change In Rhythm

Although I always like to ridicule that “NBA 2K” is the best RPG every year, after playing it for so many years, at least every year, I can feel the game rhythm is significantly different from the previous year. The “adrenaline” system was introduced in “2K23”. Each player has three grids of adrenaline. Each attack or forced acceleration will consume one of the grids. Once the three grids are exhausted, the player’s speed will drop significantly. The change in this area is obviously to limit the star play style that allows one player to hold the ball indefinitely, and the overall rhythm is more team.

AI is also more intelligent than before, especially on the defensive end, the choice of assist defense is more sensible, and the defense is faster, at least in “2k22”, an outside pick-and-roll immediately throws off the defender and then attracts double teams to open three points The style of play is not so easy to use, and coupled with the presence of the adrenaline mentioned earlier, it is even more necessary to think twice about when to speed up. On the offensive end, the inside attack frame has been strengthened, and the shooting percentage under confrontation has improved, like the dominance of the inside overlord in various periods.

However, the above changes are superimposed together. The player’s ability value is relatively low at the beginning of the season, whether it is a brilliant career (MC) or a fantasy team (MT). Overall will make people feel that the game rhythm needs to adapt. In terms of shooting, an unmistakable feeling this year is that the judgment of the perfect shot seems more demanding, and it is difficult to score without the ideal timing. In general, it takes a lot of time to practice.

Goat Road

The return of the “Jordan Challenge” challenge is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this year, and the production team’s intentions can also be seen from the menu page that occupies the most significant area. This mode, pioneered in “NBA2K11”, has been expanded to 15 games this year, telling the story of Jordan’s legendary career starting from North Carolina. In each game, witnesses tell MJ’s legendary story, experiencing the “last shot” going to the Olympic Games. Classic moments like the legacy showdown with Kobe, paired with age-defying filters and rules, allow players to relive the journey to the greatest player of all time. The whole experience is like a documentary that you can personally participate in. Of course, you can turn off the era filter if you think the picture is too blurry.

The progress of AI is also reflected in this mode. In 1982 years without the three-point line, AI will be more inclined to attack the basket and shrink defense, and at the same time will try to give the ball to the best players, such as When he challenged the NCAA finals for the first time, Ewing took on most of the offense and was almost difficult to defend in the 1v1 confrontation, eventually scoring more than 40 points. In this mode, there will be three tasks in each game. In addition to the victory, there are data indicators such as points and rebounds. After collecting 40 stars, you can get related rewards in MyCareer and MyTeam modes.

When the pointer of time is set back on the screen to the beginning of the 21st century, watching Kobe O’Neal and the Spurs’ GDP, James, Wade, Anthony, and other stars who are about to enter the league on the list, plus the scoreboard and filter were corresponding to the era, the feeling is quite enough. Players who like nostalgia can also try “Basketball League-Epoch.” This year, four optional time nodes are given, namely, the Magic Bird Contest in the 1980s; the generation of Jordan and the four major centers in the 1990s; the OK combination dominates The league, the upcoming node of the 03 generations; and now the NBA.


As the most played (and most popular) mode last year, MyTEAM finally canceled the contract this year so as not to be too careful about the number of appearances at the beginning of the season, and dozens of contract packages are too lazy to open at the end of the season. The newly added “Critical Moment” mode of the 14-second attack and the three-threat online co-op gameplay add to the playable content. It’s a nice change.

However, this time, the “Domination Tournament,” which has the fastest resources, has added the restriction that the previous level must be scored 33 stars before the difficulty of the next level can be played. At the same time, as usual, on the premise of not opening any card packs at the beginning of the season, the players given initially can only meet the basic needs of playing offline. I still remember that after the first season of micro-Krypton last year, I used 90 stats to play online games—the sadness of Amethyst playing a pink diamond with 95 stats. Looking at Sapphire Morant, who is now killing all sides in the team, I miss O’Neal with 99 three-point stats in “2K 22” next to the main menu.

However, the money charged in MT will keep its value within a year, and as long as you are skilled in the player trading market, every time you move fast enough, you will miss out. You can also make up a good lineup with the resources of the offline mode. If you don’t play for a while, sell them all first, and then go to the market to buy a stronger set when you want to play.

Brilliant Career

The city of basketball in the brilliant career mode is still the highlight of the next-generation version of “2K23”. It combines the stand-alone and online gameplay of the game. After creating the MC character, the player enters this online basketball city and completes various tasks. All functions, advancing the plot, and participating in team training all need to go to the corresponding location in the city to trigger it, which seems to be an online game. You can also go directly to each stadium to compete with other players regardless of the single-player plot. This year’s Basketball City has shrunk by 30 percent, and a fast-travel subway has been added for a tighter rhythm.

The plot of MC is relatively weak. The advantage is that players can directly choose the team they want to go to, and how to deal with the grievances with their old enemies can lead to the “controller,” who is biased towards offense, and the “creator,” who is biased towards the team. Points. However, running around and talking to various NPCs is still a problem. At the same time, MC’s demand for krypton gold is more evident than that of MT. On the day of the game’s launch, there were bros with an ability value of 85 or more everywhere and my new character station. Right next to them, there was a sense of seeing people on the court with the ball as thick as my thighs. Regardless of competition or training, if you want to earn higher ratings and more NBA 2K VC, the premise is that the player’s ability value is high enough, so the gap between the rich and the poor will begin to snowball.

So whether it is MC or MT, the amount of krypton gold and krypton gold is almost always positively related to the game experience. However, it is still the same old question, as a next-generation game version costs about 400 yuan. If you want a game experience, you probably need several times the cost of the main body. If you plan to play for a whole year, it is recommended to start with the Michael Jordan version at the beginning.

A9VG Experience Summary

As a basketball fan and gamer, “NBA 2K” is probably one of the series I have played the most. Even today, it is not easy to go to court due to work and life reasons. I still find time to play 2K every week as if I am still a student. Habits left over from the times. New elements are added to the game every year. The next-generation basketball city is constantly being polished to improve, and the content has become more prosperous. It is online, whether the game’s quality or the degree of playability. It’s just that every year when it arrives as promised, I feel a dull ache in my wallet.