Ringcraft is the worst Twitch rival event for the community for the constant controversies

Ring craft lives wrapped in controversy since its inauguration. The great Minecraft event organized by There and the Twitch Team tantra the possibility of premature closure against the few viewers he is receiving, added to the constant problems with the participants.

Why Ring craft is the closure?


For a good part of the community, Ring craft is The worst Twitch rival event that h been seen in a long time. But the controversy does not come from There, which is only the visible face of the event, but because of the organizational problems that its participants have suffered from the beginning. The multiple bugs in the tests and the LAG have exhausted the patience of many streamers.

We have been with problems for 2 days because Ring craft is leaving a lot to be desired, and now they will throw a team for having an LAG problem that can be eily solved? Flavor said in his Twitter account. Bravo. Simply Bravo, he concluded with irony. Those decisions referred to by the content creator makes sense with what happened to Paradox, who w eliminated by flexed for falling the internet at the beginning .

To the discordant voices h been added in the lt hours Autoplay, which sured endure very little in Ring craft if the long waiting and all the problems mentioned above were repeated. IAI even proposed ends with the event for the good of There. Other voices that were part of the organization have also shown their discontent, such charges.

The truth is that the two do not complain about pleure. If we take into account the results in spectators of the third day, Autoplay leads the clsification with an average audience of almost 111,000 spectators. They are followed by Screen, with 78,000, and IAI, with 38,000. There is among the greats the let seen, occupying the fourth position with an average of 13,000 viewers, less than half of what the Bque achieved.