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When does Festival of the Lost 2022 begin in Destiny 2? Answered

October is finally just around the corner, and with it comes the return of the highly anticipated Halloween event for Destiny 2, Festival of the Lost (Foil). Among all festive events, Foil is usually the event that Destiny 2 players like most for several reasons. New missions, weapons, cosmetics and much more to keep players entertained on Halloween. That said, let’s talk when Festival of the Lost 2022 should get to Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022 Start and completion dates

For the short and sweet response, Festival of the Lost will arrive at Tuesday, October 18 , in the weekly restart. It is a little later than last year, but however, the event should last three weeks and continue. Tuesday, November 8 in the weekly restart.

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All rewards of the Festival of the Lost 2022

While we still do not have a complete official list of rewards, we have confirmation of some next rewards for the event. This is what we know:

Festival of Los Lost 2022

* New set of universal ornaments

Earlier this year, Bungee made a vote to see what a thematic armor set this year would be. In a heated battle, Team Much, the armor shown below, barely won the vote with 52 %.

* Team monster armor set

For those who did not participate in the vote, the armor team below was the team Monster, which Bungee declared that it will launch at a later date.

* New sniper rifle

At the beginning of Season of Plunder, the last season of Destiny 2, the data miners could confirm that this year’s Foil weapon will be an Arc sniper rifle, with a new feature of origin, Search Party.

Will there be a lost title festival?

Bungee is changing the Foil format a bit this year, as they did with Solstice of Heroes earlier this summer. Similarly, with Solstice, Foil will receive an event card, where players must complete certain objectives throughout the game to achieve exclusive rewards.

While we still do not know what these rewards are, we can expect them to be similar to some of Solstice’s rewards, such as sparrows, boats and gestures.

When the players completed all the objectives of the event card, they obtained a new title for the Solstice event, Flame keeper. With that in mind, it is almost certain that we will see a new title for Foil this year.

Completing the title will also grant greater progress in the Reveler title, from which players must complete all festive event cards. Currently, we still have to wait until the next Solstice event arrives in July 2023 to win the title of Juerguista.

That is all we know so far about Festival of the Lost 2022. As a reminder, Festival of the Lost will arrive at Destiny 2 on Tuesday, October 18 in the weekly restart . To get more related information and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what is coming in the universe, see our articles related below.

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