Com2us Group participates in the XPLA Singapore blockchain event

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Comes Holdings and other comes groups are also trying to catch global recognition with the ‘PLA’ main net.

Comes Holdings announced on the 26th that it will strengthen its PLA global network by participating in blockchain events in Singapore.

Paul Kim PLA Leader plans to share various opinions based on the blockchain game service experience by participating in the discussion on the ‘change of traditional games that blockchain technology will bring’, the main session of ‘Blockchain Gaming’, on the 27th, and the blockchain game service experience. To be. ‘Blockchain Gaming’ will be held in Singapore until 27th.

Paul Kim Leader is a co-host at the network event, and in addition, web 3 and blocks from all over Singapore, including ‘All That Matters’ and ‘A Special Night for Builders’ Participate in the chain event as a panel.

On the 28th to 29th, the blockchain conference ‘Token 2049 Singapore’ will explain the vision and roadmap of the PLA main net on the 29th as a keynote presenter.

Paul Kim Leader participates as a major panel in game pie-related discussions, including the announcement of the keynote, and participates in a network event hosted by Hub, a global virtual asset exchange. ‘Token2049’ is a global web 3 conference held every year in Singapore and London.