The best memes of GTA VI filtration

Yesterday something quite unusual happened in the video game industry, because basically the next great project of Rockstar Games, GTA VI , leaked with everything and game plays. In total there were a little more than 90 short videos who came to light, and although many did not think this was a reality, the opposite happened.

Now that everything is relatively quieter, users did not miss the opportunity to publicize their opinion, so in social networks they have left quite funny images regarding the accident, this goes from a fired employee to a high range alarm.

Here you can check them:

I just saw some of gta vi leaks. I really hope we get this character in the final version.

My last meme about the GTA VI filtration incident.

Damn be, those leaks of GTA VI look so great!

These gta vi leaks are hard


The layer of memes about the leaks of GTA VI… more entertaining than any television program I have seen this year, hahaha.

Rock star eliminates all existing gta vi leaks

I can’t imagine what is happening at the Rockstar Games headquarters after the filtration of GTA VI.

Remember that GTA VI is currently under development.