CSGO: The 9z team manages to advance to the grand final of Fire League

One of the video games that have ventured most within the eSports and that remains in force within the competitions is Counter Strike Global Offensive, the Flow Fire League is currently being carried out where several squads are looking for a quota for Blast Premiere , putting face to face we see Furious Gaming against 9Z in the semifinal who will decide who will reach the next round.

In the first map we see Mirage that begins with great intensity on the side of the purple squad to put things in their favor by taking an important front with CQZ l Branding put low-key that puts them ahead with 12-3, for the second part we would see that things are left on the side of 9Z by pressing the skull to prevent them from having something and Buddha would be the one that closes the game.

For the second scenario we have Nuke that looks more even from Round 1 with a FG team that begins with the right foot to win several rounds for them reaching 7-7 thanks to the kaiser ‘s ability, in the second instance the 9Z team turns on the accelerator with a DGT that manages to put casualties that help them control the situation to turn the scoreboard and take the Series.

With that double victory the purple squad gets its advance for the grand final of the tournament where the Flux Barcelona to face the strongest teams in the world to seek to be crowned, now we will see if the Latin team manages to get its pass to the international.