How to get and use Dendro Sigils in Genshin Impact

Dendro Sigils are collecting items that you can get in various places throughout the pounder. They can be used to exchange for amazing awards by a tree of dreams, which works similarly to the favor of the sacred Sakura in Inadzum. Here are all the ways that you can collect Dendro Sigils in the game.

How to farm Dendro Sigils in Genshin Impact

There are three ways that you can get Dendro Sigils in a pile.

Opening chests

Treasure hunting is the favorite hobby of each traveler (and Pamon), and with a surface area, as huge as a storm, it is easy to understand that there are hundreds of chests of all the rarities that are waiting for their discovery. These chests conveniently reward you with dendro seals, depending on their rarity:

General chest *-One dendro Sigil
Exquisite chest -Two seals of dendro
precious chest -Three seals of dendro
* Luxurious chest -Four seals of dendro

disposable domains

The pile is a house for many disposable domains, such as a fragment of children’s dreams, which you can enter once to solve puzzles, defeat enemies and reap the fruits. The completion of these domains will bring you a certain number of seals of dendro (usually five per domain), in addition to any seals that you could collect from chests inside.

You can identify disposable domains according to their unique icon on the map of the world, which looks like a black rhombus with a small blue rhombus inside. You probably encountered many of them during your travels in Monstadt, Liue and Inadzum, but only those in the pile will reward you with dendro seals.

Statue Seven


The smaller Lord Kusanali awards those who worship her statue, some signs of dendro, among other awards. Having gathered dendroculs throughout the manner, do not forget to offer their statue of the seven nations of wisdom in order to get the signs of dendro in rewards for increasing the level.

How to use Dendro Sigils in Genshin Impact

You can offer 35 Dendro signs to the tree of dreams in Vanaran to increase its level, which in return will bring you amazing awards. These include the cherished crown of insight, as well as the fate of friends who will help you put on a standard banner.

Check out our guidance on how to unlock the tree of dreams to the Genshin Impact to exchange your seals with dendro for amazing awards.