League of legends

Lol Patch 12.17 PBE: Riot begins to move card with important changes to classic champions

As it happens every two weeks and almost punctual in the networks, Riot Games has just announced the next changes that will arrive in League of Legends with the version 12.17 , already available in the PBE. Like It has occurred with version 12.16, the game is racing the land for the major changes that are coming in patch 12.18 , which will be the one that sentences the metajuego in the most important MOBA tournament of the whole year and that It will be held in the United States.

As he has been able to count Riot Phroxzon , this patch will still be moderately normal, with much more specific adjustments to different champions instead of big changes . Of course, Hecarim, Maokai and Miss Fortune will receive this patch because Riot competitive.

Champions changes

IMPROVEMENTS: * Miss Fortune, Twisted Fate, Kassadin, Fill, Severe, Night, Ezreal, Camille and Sett
NERFS: * Nami, Taric, Azir, Ahri, Sylas, Trundle, Wukong, Sivir and Renekton

* Settings: Maokai, Hecarim and Chronometer/Angel Guardián/Zhonyas

Among other changes that can be seen, the use of the stopwatch will hurt more because its price (we do not know if it will be for inflation as with the PS5), several important ones ** to very famous champions in The current goal such as Sivir, Ahri, Sylas or Nami, and a good improvement pan to different characters that had not seen the crack for a long time, such as serious, Kassadin, Camille or our dear Sett.


We will have to wait to see if these changes are decisive in some champions , but what we are sure is that there are tremendous desires of Worlds and discover who is the best team in the world this exciting year at the level of metajuego and competition.