Lets interact with Paru, half -life 2 VR mode released in September

‘Half Life 2: VR Mode’, which converts Half Life 2 into a current generation VR game, has finally confirmed the release date and opened the Steam page.

The Source VR mode team, which is developing Half Life 2: VR mode, opened the official page on the 26th and released the release date. The game will be released on September 17, and because it is a mode, not a separate game, you need a half-life 2 original game registered on Steam.

In the game, the player becomes a Gordon Freeman, so you can experience the world of half-life 2 as a VR at first person. You can experience the same space, such as grabbing and throwing things with your hands, climbing a ladder, and playing with your dog. The total reloads are also required to manipulate it by manual action.

Half Life 2: VR mode has been developed as a small number of people in 2013, and was selected as the Steam Green Light in 2017 and was cooperated with the valve and continued its development smoothly. In addition to simple transplantation to VR, graphic improvement and interaction elements for the times have been made, which allows you to play the game in a slightly different way than the original.

Half Life 2: VR mode officially supports Korean interface and voice as original.