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Open World Hunting SLG Way of the Hunter Steam version Patch 1.16 Delivery -Wind and lake volume adjustments, defective corrections, etc.

THQ NORDIC JAPAN has distributed the patch note 1.16 for Way of the Hunter for PC (Steam).

In this update, there are various adjustments and various adjustments.

PC Steam Version 1.16 Patch Note

・ Fixed: Some blood stains disappear (continuously corrected)
・ Added: Keybinding function (responding to the tutorial or encyclopedia encyclopedia)
・ Added: Added FOV slider to the game option menu
・ Adjustment: Ultra wide screen compatible
・ Adjustment: Reduces Hunter Sense.
・ Modification: Moving players and guns are clipping
・ Adjustment: Reduced the sound of the lake
・ Adjustment: Reduced the volume of the wind sound
・ Adjustment: Even if you sleep, the age of the animal will not increase
・ Adjustment: Difficulty Explorer has become even easier.
・ A decrease in animal reaction speed
・ It has become easier to track by adding blood stains
・ Adjustment: Adjustment of meat sale amount
・ Modification: If the player in the conversation is fainted on the transceiver, Answer the riddle and the part 3 will not progress.
・ Added: Borderline of photo mode restricted by the difficulty level Ranger
・ Fixed: Fixed the animation of Steer Mono Block
・ Added: Addition of clipping mask for blurring
・ Adjustment: Improving important organs in Barrett Camera
・ Adjustment: Improvement and optimization of save files
・ Fixed: Rare crash that was rarely occurring when interacted with animal traces
・ Modification: Inappropriate synchronization of animal trophy and parameters in multiplayer mode
・ Adjustment: Improve the synchronization of characters in multiplayer mode
・ Fixed: Even if you climb the ladder, the animation will not be disturbed
・ Modification: Synchronization of the weather in multiplayer mode

Way of the Hunter is on sale for a PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S (PS5 package version will be released on September 8). The update for PS5/Xbox Series X | S is currently being prepared.