[Photo] What is the most popular game booth Seoul Popcorn?

From the 25th (Thursday) to the 28th (Sun), the 2022 Seoul Pop Culture Convention (hereinafter referred to as Seoul Popcorn 2022) was held for those who love ‘subculture’ at the C-Hall on the 3rd floor of COEX, Samsung-dong, Seoul. Seoul Popcorn 2022 is an event where you can meet various contents that encompass various cultural industries such as broadcasting, movies, cartoons, animations, music and art.

The game also supports a pillar of subculture, so you can see big and small game developers and publisher booths at this exhibition. The main game publishers such as Sega Publishing Korea, Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea, Korea Nintendo, small indie developers who challenge various genres, and booth models and courses that have been transformed into a character in the game.

Game Mecca took a photo of the 3rd day of ‘Seoul Popcorn 2022’, which had been hot before the start.


In addition to the large and small game publishers, Seoul Popcorn 20022 also showed indie game booths with various genres of games, from small indie developers to one-person development. It captures small booths and games with small but unique colors.