Final fantasy xiv

How to get Dust Wheler at Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an extensive open world for research with various regions full of discoveries. You can travel in different ways, but a walk can take some time. You can speed up your research using the vehicle, including the Dust Wheler sled animal. This may make you think about how to get Dust Wheler at Tower of Fantasy.

how to unlock Dust Wheler in Tower of Fantasy

The only way to unlock Dust Wheler is to participate in competitions. Higher League and reach the rank Grand Marshall . APEX League is a PVP mode in Tower of Fantasy, in which you fight face to face with other players. You must be 31st level to unlock the Apex League for the first time.

If you get to the Grand Marshall for end of the season in Tower of Fantasy you can get Dust Wheler as a reward. However, this is the highest rank, so it may take some time to achieve it. You must also take into account the Gacha Tower of Fantasy system, so you may not have the best characters and PVP teams.

Fortunately, there will be numerous seasons in the Apex League, so if you show persistence and create the right team, you can ultimately unlock Dust Wheler, working zealously. Since you cannot buy this vehicle, it indicates your skill in the PVP Tower of Fantasys.

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