League of legends

About 170,000 yen The Legend of Zelda BOTW and Link Statue appeared! Approximately 56cm in height, one of the powerful dishes over the large horse

Bean torpedoes have decided to import and sell in Japan for the Zelda’s Legends Breath of the Wild/Link on Horse Statue , which is planned, produced and released by the first 4 figures.

The first 4 figure is a figure maker that specializes in characters that appear in various game works, and continues to be three-dimensional as if it came out of the screen. The lineup centered on special high-end items is attracting the attention of new and old game fans.

This time, a link across Oma appeared from The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The powered pose with the front leg of the horse is about 56 cm in height.

Must-see details such as equipment and design. A link with a reins on the left and a sword on the right wears an impressive tunic. The brave and dignified expression of the link to move forward is chosen. Luggage and emblem on the horse’s back are carefully reproduced, creating a world setting in the play.


The reference price is 171,600 yen (tax included), and reservations are being accepted on the bean torpedo main store website. The release time is June 2023.