Valorant: The 9Z team ends with Nog to advance to the grand final of VCT Game Changers

The second date of the South Game Changers Tournament has a better five that defines the second finalist team of the competition, after the action lived in the previous day we could see the level of the squads but now we will have a better five between Not org against 9Z that could change the perspective of the match, only one team can be victorious tonight to have its place tomorrow.

The first map would be Icebox that began quite interesting with the power proposed by the purple girls who had a powerful defense that was headed by Covinhas that gave a lot of information to create opportunities that left an 8-4, In the second half the notg team would have a pretty good reaction that generated some rounds but it would not be enough because 9Z would take the advantage with a 13-4.

Going to the second scenario we have Haven that began with rounds in favor of the girls of Nog that proposed a fairly good attack that Flossie heads to give an outstanding advantage that would give them 9-3 On the scoreboard, for the second half Reshi would be present with tremendous precision that gave him too many casualties in the match to send the game to Overtime, however, the girls of Nog would end things to Your favor with a 15-13.

The third selection would be Ascent with a purple squad being more aggressive leaving Micaela to be free on the map to get great casualties in his favor that would give an important impulse that would leave an 8-4, going to change On the sides the attack of 9Z would be effective in preventing rivals from reacting leaving a clear difference in the encounter that would give them a 13-6.

A fourth map of Breeze that would have Lynn’s awake-4, in the second part the defense of the same would be very strong with French that he would dominate with his poisonous fumes of Viper to prevent the opposites from entering easy with it left a 13-6 that tied the series.

With a last map of split that is known for being tilted for defense where he would start 9Z to make very strong attacks that allowed them to be above the beginning thanks to Micaela with his chamber that would give an 8-4, for the change of roles Flossie would be present in the game with great force to give good rounds but the power of the purple girls would have a greater presence to close with a 13-9.

After five maps the power of 9Z manages to leave the Nog team that ends up leaving the purple girls with the pass to the grand final of tomorrow, noticing great potential for The girls will now have to show all their power to overthrow the current champions of the women’s league and be able to get the pass to international competition.