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[Review] Welcome to the uncomfortable and coarse Lunga World

I feel like I’m growing up in this world due to incompetence

Launched by the domestic indie development team code life, ‘Rundeller’ is a game developed by two server developers. After a year of development, it was released on the 19th with early access. When I first saw this game, I thought it was a sandbox open world survival game like Balheim. I thought that the development period was short and small, so I thought it would be a bit difficult to go and the complex genre.

However, contrary to predictions, ‘Rundeller’ was a typical RPG that follows the story. The protagonist (player), who started with nothing, wanders around the world and finds a hidden secret. In a way, it can be seen as a development that feels like RPG’s crystal. ‘Rundeller’, which I enjoyed in advance for the pre-review code, had novelty that can only be felt in the indie game, and had a strange charm that reminded me of RPG’s unique charm after a long time.

Game Name : Rune Teller
Genre Name : Open World RPG
release date : 2022.08.19
Review : 1.0.0
Developer : Code Life Studio
Service : Code Life Studio
Platform : PC
Play : PC


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Lunga World with fun of growth

The most important thing that makes RPGs is the fun of growth. I can feel the exhilarating sense of accomplishment every time my alter ego (the main character) made in the game becomes more powerful through the journey. Of course, the sense of achievement through gameplay is not limited to RPG. However, unlike other genres, the RPG characteristics of the RPG are so immersive and intuitive to receive feedback from growth.

In view of the achievement of growth, Rundeller provided more than expected in two ways: character growth and player growth. First, character growth is intuitive. This game does not have the concept of a level that represents the character’s combat power. Instead, the system called Skills took a level. Skills are literally how efficiently they do when they do what they do. Every action has a skill, and the more you repeat the behavior, the more you level up. For example, as you run, you will be able to run as you run, and as you run, the consumption of AP (stamina) decreases.

Such a skill system is a very essential element for Rundeller’s character growth. Unlike the level system that raises the overall level, skills only increase the stats, so they had to do various things, not just one thing to grow the character evenly. In particular, the skills are also applied individually, so in order to improve the efficiency of the skill, it was good to use it frequently even if it was a buff, and the combat skills needed to continue to use the cooldown to increase the skill.

The skill system is mainly one of the growth systems that you often see in action or survival games. Games such as footheim and corekeeper showed us the skills of this skill. If the level is too high in terms of survival, you may not feel that you will survive. On the other hand, RPG, which is the main goal to grow characters, is quite surprising.

In fact, at first the skill system was quite uncomfortable. For the growth of the character, I have to pay attention to the whole, so I simply grabbed an enemy and gained experience and leveled up. However, as I continued to play the game, I felt that the characters gradually grew up with a level-up and different feeling. This is because there is a big difference in the efficiency of the skills that can be run and rolled for a long time, and the recent skills that have been used frequently. It is possible to see a more reliable growth effect compared to the play time in that the character can grow without fighting.

On the other hand, in the skills of the skill, the skills they get in the second half are lower, so the skill is lower, so I needed a repetition play to raise it, and even if I wanted to use another weapon, I could not easily change the weapon because I could not exert proper power. It existed. If you broke all the stories, you may be able to raise all your skills through constant training. In a way, it can be seen as the most realistic growth method for the fantasy world.

In the case of production proficiency, the high power does not strengthen, but it is a role to assist the battle by making high-performance weapons or making buffs and potions. In the beginning, the production skills are not very active. As soon as the skills and tools showed high efficiency, the combat power was soaring.

In particular, in order to explore dangerous areas such as deserts, snowy mountains, and swamps, it is necessary to have potions such as detoxifiers and heating agents accordingly. For reference, armor can only be obtained by buying and quests. It was enough to feel that it was growing visually by changing into a nice appearance equipment in a state of giant.

The growth of the player is actually a subjective problem because of the different levels of difficulty, but Rundeller’s game difficulty was higher than expected. It is less than a soul game like Dark Soul, but it should be said to be right below. In the beginning, there was no means to create a variable during the battle, so I had no choice but to die often. This part came with a fairly big stress and a fever on the unreasonable combat system of the game.

However, I could feel that if I gradually grew the character, the battle would be more than the first. This is because the amount of skills that can be used has increased, and the efficiency of equipment and skills has been steep enough to feel the rise. Normally, RPG’s difficulty curves are initially lowered, but gradually increases. In the middle of the middle, when the user can adapt to the game enough to adapt to the game.


On the other hand, unlike the general RPG curve, Rundeller was very difficult and more and more behavior that could be gradually. In fact, the difficulty curve is true from the beginning to the middle of the middle, and it can be seen as a combination of skill and equipment performance. After all, it’s a very close level design. It’s rather than a wall at the beginning of the user’s departure.

For this reason, I think that why Rundeller recommends multiplayer rather than single play, and divided the difficulty of choosing. It supports up to three multiplayer, and it is clear that it is easier to do when three people do it than at the beginning. Of course, the more the server has, the more powerful the monsters are, but the benefits of aggro ping pong and skill are much larger.

Even in single play, special skills that can be summoned for a short time allowed some party play effect. However, to get these skills, at least I had to play the game, and I only earned a gap. Of course, if you too difficult in single play, you could have fun with the difficulty adjustment.

Open World RPG of the linear structure

Runteller is a game name and a word that can use magic. In the past, there were many Rundellers who could use magic, but for some reason, most Runtellers have disappeared, and now only a small number of existence remains. The player has died once and became a skeleton, but he must be Rundeler, who has been revived by the unknown power, to solve the secret of revival.

As mentioned earlier, Rundeller is a storytelling game with the beginning and end. The player will play the game along the main quest. As it is an open world, it guarantees some degree of freedom, but in order to move on to a new area, it must break the main quest, so it shows the way of playing linear structure. As a result, gameplay is centered around the main quest, and various subquests and dungeons explore them in the process.

The reason that gamers want in the open world game is a wide range of freedom. Many gamers have been attracted to the open world because they can go as soon as they close the world and leave their own adventures rather than the way they set in the system. Runteller did not guarantee a wide range of freedom like the Great Open World Game, but he was able to enjoy a small freedom in the journey of the main story.

The biggest difference is that there is a limitation to move the area according to the main quest progress, so you can’t freely look back on all the regions from the beginning. The main quest was mainly compulsory by talking to a specific person or breaking the subquests of a particular area. For this reason, I felt that I felt that only the system of open world, which can move the map without loading, is based on the linear game method of classic RPGs rather than open world games.

Open World Games will put contents such as events and items hidden throughout the map for the fun of exploration. It gives sweet rewards and constant stimuli so that the exploration does not come with repetitive feelings. Runtellers have a variety of regions, including the Eastern Valley, the Central Gorge, the capital Kings Mountain, the Desert, the Swamp, the Volcano, and the Snow Mountain. There is a dangerous area with debuffs in each region, so if you go without preparation, your life was dangerous.

In particular, the map that I visited the first time was not revealed, so I had to go to the magic tower. I didn’t have a marker on the map, and there was no right sign that distinguished the area, so it felt more precious than this affection. The intercontinental adventure was riding on a boat, so I was sure that I was exploring a strange fantasy world.

However, considering the size of the continent in terms of field exploration, there were many places that were empty everywhere, and the cone that enhances the exploration.