The open world Phantom Tower is certainly interesting. GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE

Now Gaming is a corner where you write the game that each writer plays that week every Sunday. This is the 349th time. Health is the best.

AMD FSR 2.0 is also available

This week, I played a little PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. When I flew around the built-in World New York with a web swing, I was interested in how much performance it would be. The conclusion is quite comfortable. Although it is difficult to get 60fps stably, it operates around 40fps with the intermediate preset (default) in the graphic settings. Depending on the area, there may be a moment of falling to 30fps or less, but overall it is smooth.

Due to the low screen resolution of Steam Deck, the intermediate preset is not so much inferior, and the drawing distance is not uncomfortable. If you use 30fps or more as a guide, there seems to be room to adjust the graphic settings a little more. Although it is a work that can enjoy more beautiful visuals, this quality is not said with a portable device.
by. Taijiro Yamanaka

Can be caught by Bridget

This week, I was playing the GUILTY GEAR-STRIVE- Steam version loaded at the time of sale. It seems that you will be able to understand to some extent at this time, but of course I use Bigit. I can’t help it because it’s cute. The match games I recently touched are Smash Bra or Melbra, so it feels more difficult than that, but the combo is simpler than past works. If the horny is pressed at the edge of the screen, the wall can be broken and can escape, so it feels like it is easier to play. Bridget himself has long reach attacks and various approaches, so it is easy to handle shallowly.

GUILTY GEAR-STRIVE- is a title with a large population as a Steam version of the fighting game. However, it is suspicious whether there are people in the beginner belt. Until I played, I was worried that there were opponents, but the matching was fast, and I had a match against a close opponent. I think there are many players who have started in the same way, and I think there are many matches between bridgets, but there is no help for it because it is cute.
by. Keiichi yokoyama

I think it’s an action, Moba

This week, I was playing VOIDCRISIS, which is being distributed early in Steam. It is a completely new work by Hexado, a domestic studio, which has a strong image of a engineer group for many transplants and remasters. The genre of this work is Tower Offense, and a lot of robots come out and fight with many enemies. On the other hand, game plays that emphasized strategies have been suggested, and they played without imagining the touch.


The result of the touch was I imagined any different. In this work, he drives the floating robot VA/Vital Armor and fights using its unique abilities. Press the enemy approaching the base and defeat the enemy’s boss. However, this work is not a high-speed action. However, it is different from the simulation. If you compare it, is it PVE format Moba?

This is because the unique ability is cool down, and the high-speed boost consumes common energy. The movement speed is also reduced, so I will inevitably consider the cost of all actions. It is a Moba-like game play that manages the ability while thinking about pushing. In addition, if you repeat the battle, the performance of your favorite machine will gradually increase through the support AI, and the fun of the loops of the battle. As a whole, I felt the fun of the core part, but I wanted a faster battle with a faster tempo. I want to see what kind of work it will be finished after an early access period.
by. Seiji narita

It’s another that can be continued if it’s interesting

The corona has healed a little, but the nasal clogs do not heal. It’s troublesome. That’s why I’m playing TOWER OF FANTASY. I was playing with CBT, but I played with the official service. The introduction story is so dark, so I don’t want to see the same, so I search and play without going to the story. Exploration play alone is interesting enough. The effects and motion are flashy, and the consideration of elements that tends to be frustrated, such as lock-on functions and cameras, is also small. Just just putting on the attack, the playfeel is amazing. This work is also strong in multiplayer elements, and it seems that there is a differentiation from other works, but it is fun just to increase the leisurely island search rate by yourself. I feel the power of gold.

The regret is that you are unlikely to pursue a huge amount of content. It’s fun while playing, but I wonder if I can’t follow it in the future, but somehow play with the initial implementation element. I realize that it is no longer possible to balance both out-of-buy games and operating games. So, I play the operation-type game first and play to input the features of the game. The feeling of playing as a job to understand what kind of game it is. I would like to chase one of the operating games at a time… It starts with retirement for the time being. surely.
by. Ayuo Kawase