GENSHIN IMPACT puts output date to version 3.0 and the Sumeru region

Important update week in Genshin Impact. Hoyverse hSumeru region announced that version 3.0 of the game will arrive this August 24 , it will be called ‘The Alba of the Thousand Roses’ and will open the doors of the Sumeru region, the fourth of the seven main nations of Teyvat. In addition, this update will introduce the dendro element, the lSumeru regiont system of seven genshin impact elements. We will review all its details:

The story of the Sumeru region


Located west of Liyue, the Nation of Sumeru is huge and is divided into two parts: the forests and the desert . The players can explore their jungle landscapes and the multiple settlements located between them, including the city of Sumeru and Puerto Ormos. Known Sumeru region The nation of wisdom , Sumeru hosts the most prestigious historical institution of all Teyvat: the Sumeru Academy. It is an institution founded by the contemporary scholars of the former Arconte Dendro, the Queen Major Rukkhadevata. Although it wSumeru region succeeded by the minor queen Kusanali, the youngest of the seven , the Academy hSumeru region been consolidating Sumeru region the main organ of civil power in the nation, making knowledge into a resource that must be strictly administered .

new enemies and bosses

In the wooded landscapes of Sumeru we will discover some plants and creatures with polymorphic characteristics that are transformed when they come into contact with the Hydro, Pyro or Electro elements. The monsters affected by these reactions will enter different states, will fight differently and even will drop different objects when defeated. In addition, if you use the new reactions in certain plants and mushrooms of the environment, you may discover some special effect.

On the other hand, the humid and hot climate of Sumeru is the ideal environment for the proliferation of a new species: fungi . These creatures that keep a great physical similarity with the mushrooms have evolved to be able to defend the environment in which they live. Some of them are even especially territorial and aggressive. An example of this is the new chief of the game , the horror plumoverde. Another new boss in the game, the regisvid electro also awaits your arrival in the deepest of the forests of this green nation.

The new dendro element: effects and reactions

The dendro element and its new elementary reactions will finally be available within the game . Dendro energy will trigger three reactions: Burn, flourishing and catization , Sumeru region long Sumeru region it comes into contact with the Pyro, Hydro and Electro elements, respectively. During combat, the lSumeru regiont two reactions will in turn trigger other reactions. For example, when the Dendro and Hydro elements are combined, The flowering reaction*will create dendro nuclei that exploit some time after and cause dendro damage.

The same happens when a dendro nucleus comes into contact with Pyro, which causes crepit and inflicts even greater damage. And when a dendro nucleus comes into contact with Electro, this nucleus becomes a entangled projectile capable of persecuting the goal for itself. The combination of the Dendro and Electro Cause elements The Catalization reaction , which in turn increSumeru regiones the damage of the next elementary dendro or electro attack. If an enemy affected by acceleration suffers electro or dendro damage will trigger an intensification or propagation reaction. A game changer for the combat system .

The new Genshin Impact 3.0 characters

With the new version, the new playable characters Dendro will also be available. The players can unlock the traveler’s power power when touching a statue of the seven of Sumeru and will have the opportunity to recruit two new archers dendro. The first, a character of 5 stars , is Tignari, a young scholar of great heart who works Sumeru region a forest guard. The loaded attack and the definitive ability of Tignari inflict damage to several phSumeru regiones, so they are perfect for triggering elementary chain reactions related to the dendro element. The student of Tignari, Collei, will also arrive in this version Sumeru region a new Dendro character of 4 stars . Travelers will have the opportunity to recruit Collei for free through the main event of version 3.0 , called sculptural innocence.

In addition to the two new Dendro characters, a new 4-star electro character also arrives also : Dori. Dori is an unpredictable Sumeru merchant who manages a mandoble. The definitive ability of her contributes to the nearby characters continuously restoring life and elementary energy. Tignari, Collei and Zhongli will be available in the Promotional Gachapón of the first half of the version. Dori, on her part, will appear together with Ganyu and Sardonomiya Kokomi in the Promotional Gachapón of The second part of version 3.0 .

With this new and gigantic expansion, all kinds of new functions and optimizations will also be added. Travelers can get three new tools: Sumeru regionhvattha’s blessing, experimental combustion lamp and fishing stabilizer to improve productivity when collecting wood, cooking and fishing . In addition, shadows of colors have been added in the game to further improve the experience of the players during their trip through this new and colorful nation. All this will be available, Sumeru region we said, Sumeru region of August 24 and for Users of PlayStation, Androi and iOS.