Splatoon 3 new information on salmon runs! Big Run, which is the stage to the usual battle stage, is released

Nintendo’s information public event Splatoon 3 Direct was held on August 10, 2022. The company has released the latest information on the Nintendo Switch shooter Splatoon 3 .

In this announcement, a new information on one of the game modes, Salmon Run NEXT WAVE is released. Up to four teams participated in the part-time job Salmon Run, where Kumasan Shokai is in the mediation, defeated Omonosake and obtained Kim Ikura. The purpose is to collect a lot of gold Ikura within the time limit.

◆ New elements of salmon runs

In the new salmon run, bytes’ waiting room is available inside the Kumasan Shokai. You can practice during the waiting time, receive notifications from friends, and see other members between part-time jobs.

It is also possible to participate in private byte with friends. You can’t get points, etc., but you can practice on your favorite stage or buki.

The part-time job evaluation system has also been powered up, and the highest rank Denzetsu , which exceeds Tatsujin, is now available. The higher the part-time job evaluation, the more points you can get, but the dispatch destination is more dangerous. When it comes to Denzetsu, it may be dispatched to a site with a maximum of 333%.

◆ New species of salmon

The new species of Omonosake, Nabbuta and Teckyu are also released. Nabebuta is flying in the sky with a UFO-like appearance, and he puts a barrier and supports the salmon. If you get underneath, you will set a fall attack. Tekku is good at long-range attacks and fires heavy shells from afar. At the landing point, an attack on the wave is released.

In addition, a type of huge individual Okashirasa Shake ** is also released. When fighting the salmon, the odor is learned, and the Okashira Gauge rises. If you have a high-gaped part-time job, you will be attacked after clearing WAVE3.

When attacked by Okashirashake, the 4th Wave EXTRA WAVE was started, and the purpose was changed to Ocashira Shake as much as possible. Ikura Cannon will be released from the tank you carry. It is fired by pressing the A button with the gold Ikura, and it is possible to do a lot of damage to Okashirashake.

In EXTRA WAVE, Ikura container does not appear, so it is important to fire the picked gold Ikla with salmon cannon and damage Okashirashake.

If you do damage, you can also get salmon scalp at the end of the part-time job. There are three types of salmon scales: gold, silver, and copper, and the higher the scenes, the easier it is to get rare scales. If you collect scales, you can exchange special nameplate plates, Zaka, part-time work clothes at the prize exchange of Kumasan Shokai.

In addition, EXTRA WAVE fails if it is wiped out or runs out of time, but the part-time job itself is successful and it is a positive evaluation.

◆ New mode Big Run

Big Run will be added in the update after the release. The salmon in the Bankara region is violent, sometimes going up to the area where squids live. It is said that even the stage that is usually used in the battle is the stage of the salmon run.

For Kumasan Shokai, it is regarded as a chance to harvest salmon salmon, and there are benefits such as giving special items to a part-time job collected at a time. Details are unknown, but it is said that Big Run occurs once every few months.

Splatoon 3 will be released on September 9, 2022. The price is 6,578 yen (tax included) for the package version, and 6,500 yen (tax included) for the download version.