Multi -compatible back garden Micro Survival GROUNDED To the official release on September 27. The official debut has been repeated for 2 years and has been compatible with Japanese

Developer Obsidian Entertainment announced on July 28 that it will officially release Grounded on September 27 local time. This work is being distributed early access to PC (Steam/Microsoft Store) and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It is also provided for Xbox Game Pass.

Grounded is a survival action game developed from a micro perspective. The protagonist is a child whose body has become smaller in an insect-like size. He aims to survive in the vast backyard, dive in the threats of insects, and return to his body. The game mode has a single play mode, and a multiplayer mode that can play with up to four people. Although not in the store page notation, it also supports Japanese display.

For the main characters of the microsizes, everything is huge, such as plants growing in the backyard and rolling playground equipment. Among them, they cut grass, collect wood nuts, and crush stones to collect food and resources. A craft system is prepared, so you can make a tool to make it more efficient.

In the backyard, various insects such as ants, tented insects, and spiders live. They also appear as a very huge entity. It is important to note that insects will attack you when entering or stimulating in the nest. Some dangerous insects just attack just by approaching. In order to confront these great threats, it is possible to create weapons with the above-mentioned craft system. Building a base by combining plants is one of the major goals in gameplay.


This work has begun early access distribution on July 28, 2020, and has been updated. Many new elements such as new areas and systems are implemented. The Japanese display correspondence mentioned above is one of the elements added by the update. The other day, the second anniversary, the official release date of this work was finally announced. Adam Brennecke, a game director, has posted and reported a video on the official Twitter account.

According to him, a new version 0.14 is the last large update in early access distribution. In the same version, NAT, a pet, appears. A new building called Cookery (Cooking Room) will be added. It is also said that weapons and armor upgrade systems have been significantly renovated.

Then, on September 27, local time, the official release and the largest version 1.0 will be delivered so far. It seems that the final finish is currently being made for the release, and he wants you to send a Public test feedback. He also thanked the players who participated in the early access distribution, and wanted to spend his days calm down.

GROUNDED has celebrated its 2nd anniversary since the start of early access distribution. It is easy for domestic users to play with the updates and support Japanese labeling. I would like to look forward to the official release of the polished backyard survival.

Grounded is being distributed early access to PC (Steam/Microsoft Store) and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It is also provided for Xbox Game Pass.

For version 0.14, Public Test 0.14, which allows you to experience the same version on the test server, is implemented. It was distributed on July 29 for Steam and on July 30 for Xbox. However, it is currently suspended on all platforms to fix the problem. The official Twitter account has announced that it is being revised on August 1, local time.