[Lee Dong -sung] The entire ad, Google has come out,

Google has made a decision of the old country for gamers. He said he would not allow front ads in the app that seemed like a mobile game.

This was released on the 27th through Google’s new developer program policy. According to the contents, from September 30th, a sudden ad advertising in the mobile game is not allowed. In addition, full advertisements that cannot be closed after 15 seconds are prohibited. This policy does not apply if the player does not interfere with the progress, such as advertising or advertising or after the output of the game.

The characteristic of this policy is that it is user-centered, not a company or developer. Of course, it is natural. After all, Google’s revenue comes from gamers. Of course, developers, distributors, and advertising companies are also members of the ecosystem, so they need to guarantee their profits. However, there have been many criticisms that the in-game full advertisements without permission have exceeded the province, and Google has accepted it.

Domestic gamers are also very welcoming Google’s decision. Game Mecca ID Aikuru It’s better to have no ads, Jinjiboy The opinion of the back is. TBZ is late as a comment that I do it quickly.

In addition, Google said it will not allow apps to generate or deal with them with regular payment management, cancellation and refund-related policies, distribution of development kits for child protection, and socio-cultural impacts. In fact, Google’s all-time policy is more noticeable, but it seems certain that this time, we have established a policy to protect user-centered policies and users. It would be nice to keep this stance in the future.

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Excellent comment this week: Aikuru (presented product: Thrall: Twilight of the status/Christie Golden, translated by Kim Ji-hyun)