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High -speed low polygon shooting full of STG tribute EX

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAME*Spark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Speed Play Repo to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, on February 19, 2021, I would like to deliver the content of EX-ZODIAC , which was distributed by Pixeljam from Pixeljam.

What is EX-ZODIAC?

This work is a shooting game tribute to the masterpieces of the early 90s. Specifically, it is a STG reminiscent of Star Fox released at Super Nintendo. During the game, the main character Kyou and the partner Miko talks, and the conversation scene with the enemy before the boss battle is traced, and the operation can be played like Star Fox.

The decisive difference from Star Fox is the frame rate. This work is at a high speed of up to 60 fps, and the exhilaration is considerable. If you set it to 15fps, which is the lowest value, it will be a speed like Star Fox, but it was an impression that it did not engage in the game play of this work.

Let’s play this work immediately.

Break the ambitions of the Super Galaxy Terrorist organization Zodiac!

Because this work is currently underway, there is not much explanation of the scenario, such as introduction. According to the store page, it seems that the story is operating the main character, Kyou, where the solar stars are being invaded by the Super Galaxy Terrorism Zodiac.

In Stage 1, it is an orthodox introductory stage, and in addition to the normal blaster shooting, the operation method of lock-on missile that can be pressed down the attack button is explained at the beginning, and it will proceed as it is. There is no other operation explanation, but the same operation method as Star Fox played in the Super Nintendo is passed as it is . In addition, as long as the shield gauge on the left of the screen does not crash, it is a nice specification for those who are not good at shooting even if they are hit to some extent. When the lower right life reaches 0, the game is over, and it will start from the beginning of the stage.

As you go along the way, there are also physical avoidance zones that feel a tribute. In one stage, you will go through the current gap or the gap between the antenna. The booster is a Y button, and the brake can be avoided with a good tempo by applying the A button.

And at the end of the stage, the boss appears, blocking Kyou. The only weakness of the huge boss is to look for a lock-on, and to search for a blaster. The boss this time is the two characteristic forefoot (?). However, the boss’s attack was quite intense, and at first glance he was hit interestingly.

If you defeat the boss, you will safely move to the screen and score evaluation. I feel regrettable about the shooting down bonus, and there are some desire to pack the score, but after the next stage, I will enjoy playing. I would like readers who like Star Fox or expect this work to actually play.

House full of bonus elements

I don’t think it’s enough for a play repo, so another point .

In fact, when this work is achieved in the stage, it will enter the other stage, which can be said to be another face of this work. The tribute to Space Harrier starts, but I felt that the feeling of play was almost the same as the same work. In the main part, it will proceed as it is when you are hit, but here when you are hit, the game itself will stop and start again, so the remaining machine system is well reproduced with the shield gauge.

At the end

This time, it was a report in the same way as a explosive report, but I was very surprised that even if I put a tribute, I can already play it as a very refreshing shooting game. As with many objects that can be destroyed, it was very good to be able to attack as you go because there are not so many hard enemies.

Also, unlike the tribute source, the BGM is a song based on the FM sound source, and the sound is monaural during the game, so it may be good to play with a single speaker. At the same time, the soundtracks sold and the BGM of this work are also a wonderful song group, combined with the game, so this is also recommended (the soundtrack is stereo).

However, since the price increase is also announced as the early access is completed, it may be better to get it now if you can feel the tribute from the screen.