Urban Anime Legends: School Days and the horrifying end that ended in Internet Meme

The world of manga and anime is an industry that takes sides in most cases of real events or events , as well as dynamics and attitudes that we see in our day to day. The incredible amount of works that are released every three months and the love of all of them by the Japanese and Western audience causes that on many occasions coincide with an event (either good or bad) that we have doubted us about what That is real and what does not.

This is the case of the urban legends of the anime that we will see this week, which wraps to a work as twisted as School Days , with a Macabre Murder that broke out the entire city of Kyoto… So much that even affected the end of the anime adapted by TNK.

School Days has a very moved reputation that persists until today, but the adaptation of the visual novel created by Homare Sakazuki had a final twisted that could have been less noticeable if it were not for the circumstances of its launch. In the work, an apathetic teenager named Makoto Itau bases his personality on neglecting his classmates, participating in intimate acts with different girls without considering the consequences and psychologically mistreating many of them. The protagonist, as expected, receives a very painful final , ** with a violent death that is as striking as absurd.

The day before the broadcast of the final episode of the anime in Japan, a 16-year-old girl killed her father with an ax in Kyoto . Due to an extremely similar scene present in the episode and to avoid the relationship with the murder, Kanagawa’s television replaced it with a totally different scenario with air on a g string sounding in the background. Between the shock and anger expressed among fans, a 4Chan user commented Nice Boat , referring to the Norwegian ferry shown in the replacement images.


Immediately, The phrase became a meme , however, is much more popular in Japan than in English-speaking countries. As expected, all this inspired a rather dark urban legend and left School Days as a damn work that only the less skeptics are able to finish.