The Kona cold thriller offers a straight follow up

The Studio Parabole will offer a successor to Kona, his investigation game released in 2017 as well as returned a year later on in virtual reality layout. Declared on all platforms, Kona II: Haze intends for a getaway in 2023.


No adjustment of environment in perspective: this direct suite continues the background of investigator Carl Faubert, even more than ever before shed in northern Quebec. We are in October 1970 as well as our detective from the cold is having problem with the mist, a paranormal fog that haunts the fictitious region of Manastan. Not material with reducing a tiny mining village in the remainder of the globe, the sensation threatens the equilibrium of nature.


As a matter of fact, the player will go to meet the survivors of a terrible avalanche, Cherhera hints in the huts as well as various other locations still deserving of passion. The sled, which seems to replace the cars and truck from the first Kona, will certainly discover the environments as well as take a trip the icy lakes. This initial video is material to place the ambience, however Kona II: Haze means to disclose itself much more widely within the framework of Gamescom de Perfume (from August 24 to 29) where it will be usable on the Indie Cubicle stand.

Kona II: Band-Bande-Annonce