Genshin Impact – All Skills, Talents, and Materials for Climbing Kolei

Kollei was once the victim of an experiment on the remains of an archon, but a chance encounter with Amber and the Knights of Favonius during Ludi Harpastum freed her from the shackles of Barnabas and Fatui. Since then, Kollei has returned to her homeland of Sumeru, where she now spends her time as a trainee ranger in the Avidya Forest under Tignari’s supervision. Colley is the owner of a four-star Dendro bow whose skills resemble those of her good friend Amber.


Collei-Skills, Ascension Materials and more!

Petitioner archery

  • Normal Attack-Fire up to four consecutive bow shots.
  • Charged Attack-Perform a more accurate Aimed Shot with increased damage. While aiming, Dendro Energy builds up on the arrowhead. A fully charged arrow deals damage to Dendro.
  • Dive Attack-Fires a shower of arrows mid-air before falling and hitting the ground, dealing area damage on impact.

Elementary Skill: Flower Brush

  • Flower Brush Throws out a Flower Ring that deals one Dendro Damage to enemies in its path. The flower ring will return after a certain amount of time, dealing Dendro damage again.
  • Cool Down-12.0 seconds.

This is Colley’s gadget for fighting naughty wild beasts. A few good hits with this tool will usually improve their behavior. The same principle works with villains.

Elemental Burst: Trump Kitty

  • The Kitty Trusty Cuilein-Anbar trump card comes to save the day! Throws a doll named Quilain Anbar, causing an explosion that deals area damage to Dendro, creating a Quilain Anbar z1. Culain-Anbar will jump within this zone, dealing Dendro damage in an area.
  • Cool down-15 seconds.

Impressive, right? … Eh? Do you want to know how I came up with the name Kulein-Anbar? Well, I…


  • Flower Sidewinder-If one of your party members triggered the Burn, Haste, Aggravate, Spread, Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Bloom reactions prior to the return of the Flower Ring, it will give the character a Sprout effect upon return that will continuously deal Dendro damage equivalent to 40% of Colley’s attack to nearby enemies for 3 seconds. If another Sprout effect occurs during its initial duration, the original effect will be removed.
  • Lurious Forest-When a character in the Culain Anbar Zone triggers the Burn, Haste, Aggravate, Proliferate, Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Flourish reactions, the duration of the Zone will be increased by one second. One Kitty trump card can be extended to three seconds.
  • Sumeru Gliding Champion-Reduces stamina consumption while gliding for your party members by 20 percent. Does not stack with passive talents that provide the exact same effects.


C1: Deep Sea Patrol

  • When you are in a group and not on the field, Colley’s energy recharge is increased by 20 percent.

C2: Over hill and grove

  • Flower Sidewinder passive talent changed to this: Flower Ring will give the character the effect of Flower Sidewinder Sprout on return, dealing 40 percent of Colley’s attack as Dendro damage to nearby enemies for three seconds.
  • From the moment you use the Flower Brush until this instance of the Germinate effect ends if any of your party members trigger the Burn, Haste, Escalate, Spread, Hyperbloom reactions or Flourish, Germination is extended by 3 seconds.
  • Sprout’s effect can only be extended this way once. If another Sprout effect occurs during its initial duration, the original effect will be removed.
  • Requires you to unlock the Flower Sidewinder passive talent.

C3: Scent of summer

  • Increases the level of the Flower Brush by 3. The maximum enhancement level is 15.

C4: Gift of the Forest

  • Using Kitty’s trump card will increase the elemental mastery of all nearby characters by 60 for 12 seconds (not including Colley herself).

C5: All coals

  • Increases the level of Trump Kitty by 3. The maximum level of enhancement is 15.

C6: Falling Arrow Forest

  • When Flower Ring hits enemies, it creates a miniature Culain Anbar that deals 200% of Kolley’s ATK as Dendro damage. Each flower brush can only create one such Cuilein-Anbar miniature. Forest of falling arrows

Ascension Materials

A complete list of Ascension Colley’s materials has not been released. Below is all the information we know about their ascension and talent leveling.

Talent Materials

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