Nexon Tales Weaver: Second Run, Japan CBT is recruited

Can you finally meet Tales Weaver: Second Run? Nexon announced today that it will hold a showcase of its mobile game Tales Weaver: Second Run in Japan and recruit CBT.

Tales Weaver: Second Run is a mobile game developed by Nexon’s new development headquarters. It was first unveiled at the new Nexon’s new release meeting in August as the title ‘Tales Weaver M’, and in November, the official title was confirmed as ‘Tales Weaver: Second Run’. The subtitle of Second Run is taken from OST, which was well-received in the original online game. The first run that can be heard during the day during the day, the BGM, which is a calm tone that suits the night time, has become a representative song that represents Tales Weaver today.

In the showcase, other details of ‘Tales Weaver: Second Run’ were revealed. ‘Tales Weaver: Second Run’ did not stop using the original story and core contents into mobile, but also improved the production and visuals, followed by the original elements of mobile.

Tales Weaver: Second Run’s representative elements include stories and combat systems. Regarding the story, the original popular episodes 1 and 2 are renewed, while the playable character, NPC, and monsters, which were not drawn in the original, are added. In addition to the abduction story throughout the series, the series will be presented for the first time in the series.

The new substory is added and the original episode is renewed, but this is limited to the direction. Tales Weaver: Second Run also aims to maintain the original storytelling as much as possible. In particular, in the episode 1, which announce the beginning of the game, the story of eight characters surrounding the birthstone is inherited as it is, but the improved storytelling has further enhanced the immersion.

Tales Weaver: Second Run is a battle system. The battle, which is part of the cooperative play, can play a party in the boss battle, or play in the boss battle where other players are holding. The battle is a form of fighting with the skills given to the five equipment. This allows players to organize their own skill combinations. Finish skill is a flower of battle. When you play Finish Skill, it will showcase the brilliant direction and entertain your eyes.


It is also noteworthy that the graphics and sound have been remastered in addition to the new elements. In the case of characters and backgrounds, the concept of the original is maintained as much as possible, and the BGM representing Tales Weaver, such as Second Run and Reminiscence, is also remastered.

In addition, the character voice is added as an element that was not in the original. In this showcase, four playable characters of Lucian Carls (CV. Hori), Boris Jean Neman (CV. Ishikawa Kaito) You can enjoy the main story with the full voice. ‘Tales Weaver: Second Run’ supports both sides of the horizontal screen and vertical screen, and can be enjoyed freely according to the user taste.

Tales Weaver: Second Run will recruit testers from July 11 to 23:59 in Japan. The number of people is 10,000 iOS and 10,000 Android, and the selected testers can participate in the test from 2 pm on the 25th to 10 am on August 1st.

Meanwhile, Tales Weaver: Second Run’s Korean test and service schedule is undecided.