Overseas Youtuber gets the PS3 and PS Vita development kit! Data for Gears of War 3 was also found

Technical YouTube Channel Linus Tech Tips has obtained a development kit of Sony’s home game console PlayStation 3 and a portable game console PlayStation Vita and publishes the introduction video. did.

In the video, the PS3 body specifications and internal structures, which are very different from the product version, have been found, and many functions prepared for developers have been confirmed. The built-in HDD discovered the development build of Life Is Strange and Little Big Planet, and the Xbox 360-only title Gears of War 3 ( *).

( *) When the video appeared as the PS3 version Gears of War 3 in the past, Epic Games explained that it is a by-product of the UNREAL ENGINE 3 test process, and it was not developed as a product. 。


In addition, regarding PS Vita, it has a structure such as an initial prototype, and it seems that the PS Vita function is emulated in the PS3 development kit and HDMI outputs the prototype monitor. The touch screen and the back touch panel needed special firmware and could not work.

A development kit that can not be seen first if you are not a developer. The special structure and functions that are not found in the product version are exciting, and you will realize the greatness of the developers who used them and created many masterpieces.