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Black Desert Mobile OST arranged by jazz… Director Ryu Hwi -man

[Black Desert Moon Young-soo] The famous game composer Ryu Hwi-man played the ‘Black Desert Mobile’ OST, arranged by jazz.

Ryu Hwi-man Pearl Abyss drew attention by performing a black desert mobile live jazz performance at the 2022 Heidel Banquet at the Wave Art Center in Seoul on the 2nd.

Ryu Hwi-man is a composer who made music of famous rhythm games such as ‘EZ2DJ’ and ‘DJ Max’ and oversee the sound of ‘Black Desert’, including ‘C9’. In 2018, he led the audio remaster to increase the quality of the black desert.

Pearl Abyss said, Pearl Bis Audio is planning a ‘radio system’ that arranges the Black Desert OST in various versions. It was used for. We collaborated with Jazz performance, arrangement, and record recording in combination with Jazz Pianist Lim Mi-jung, an alumni of Seoul National University of Arts.

Meanwhile, 2022 Heidel Banquet is a user event that Pearl Abyss regularly runs every year. It was held online after the spread of Corona 19 for the past two years, but this year, 100 users were invited to the Seoul Wave Art Center and offline. We planned to prepare live broadcasts so that global users can participate. The major content updates and various events of the Black Desert Mobile will be released.