BVB introduces jacket varieties of the new additions

On Monday, BVB revealed which jacket numbers the new quartet will get. As well as very little changes for the majority of the newbies.

In the person of Niklas Süle as well as Nico Schlotterbeck, the central defense of the future was lashed. With Karim Adeyemi there is additionally a highly laid offensive player, whom other clubs would have loved to safeguard. Salih Özcan’s commitment also looks like a restoration cure in the center of the field.

Schlotterbeck (number 4), ADEYEMI (number 27) and Özcan (number 6) can look onward to the exact same number that they already had at their ex-clubs.

Borussia Dortmund is currently reviewing an outstanding transfer summertime. After those in charge of the new numbersing activities supervisor Sebastian Kehl had actually suggested a modification, they in fact supplied them on the transfer front.

The new enhancements of the coming period have been particular for months at Borussia Dortmund. Currently the BVB has actually lastly revealed which jersey numbers the reinforcements for the Westphalia will be used.

BVB fees over 100 euros for the brand-new jerseys

The defenseman last used the 4 at FC Bayern, in Dortmund he currently obtains number 25. He already used this number on his back at TSG Hoffenheim throughout his time.

Lots of fans evidently wanted to gain access to promptly. Promptly after the numbers were introduced, the Dortmund online shop fell down briefly. The fans needed to place themselves in a digital serpent before getting a jersey.

There is only a modification at Niklas Süle. The defenseman last put on the 4 at FC Bayern, in Dortmund he now gets number 25. Nonetheless, the main defender does not need to change. He already wore this number on his back at TSG Hoffenheim throughout his time.

From after that on, BVB fans can now purchase the jerseys of their new favorites. Quickly after the numbers were announced, the Dortmund online store collapsed briefly.

Instead, the time in Munich was a grandfather clause for him because his old jacket number was currently occupied by Thomas Müller at the time.

After that, BVB followers can now get the jerseys of their new favorites. The tee shirts of the BVB gamers are not cheap. With crowding and Bundesliga logo, Borussia needs 101.97 euros for the t-shirts of the coming period.