A selection of interesting games from the last June Steam Next Fest

From June 13 to June 20, the next large event Steam Next Fest was held in Steam, in the framework of which already experienced and only beginner developers can introduce the demo versions to players of their not yet released projects. In this article you will find a selection of 17, in my opinion, quite interesting games that can already be tried, add to the list of desired and monitor their further development.


We will start with a rather unusual Signalis game, in my opinion, it can be described as a gloomy retro horror, with its atmosphere, design and gameplay very much resembling the first games of the Resident Evil, Silent Hill series. According to the plot, players will go to the future and try on the role of the girl Elster, who wakes up from cryosna on a faulty ship.

After awakening, she discovers that the ship is inhabited by strange hostile creatures, and her partner disappeared. From an affordable demo version it is now clear that, as in the series of games mentioned above, the player will have to gradually unravel the plot tangle, studying various locations, solving riddles and fighting off creatures, simultaneously distributing his resources correctly, so that at a certain moment there is no cartridges or cartridges or cartridges or cartridges Hilok.

Metal: Hellsinger


Metal: Hellsinger belongs to a very specific rhythm-game genre, in which it is advisable to get the player with actions in the bit of music to activate various mechanics, yes, if desired, this mechanics can be ignored, but what is the meaning then. The Metal game process: Hellsinger can be described in a word, this is a doom, in which it is necessary to destroy other demons for heavy metal performed by famous people as Serge Tankean (soloist of the System of A Download group).

You can read more about the game in our preview.

Anger Foot

The creative company Devolver Digital and developer Free Lives, who gave the world such a wonderful project as Genital Jousting, presented another extremely unusual game called Anger Foot. This is a lightning-otic shooter with a first-person view, in which the strongest weapon-van leg.

From the point of view of the game process, Anger Foot puts only one simple task for the user to kill all opponents at the level. You can do this in 2 ways: having stolen all with your foot, which can easily knock out the doors, or with the help of firearms. And in order to make the gameplay even more exciting, technology music constantly plays on the background, which significantly intensifies at the time of the battle and forcing to constantly move, and not sit still.

Cult of the Lamb

Another new project, which is currently under the wing of Devolver Digital, is called Cult of the Lamb and is a horned that has absorbed the pretty design of Don’t Starve, a quick action element \ improvement of the settlement. According to the plot, you have to take control of the cute and harmless sheep, which at the very beginning the cultists sacrifice, so that the great prophecy does not happen.

After death, a certain sharpened entity offers the main character a profitable life-life in exchange for creating a cult in his honor, this is the main goal of Cult of the Lamb. The gameplay can be conditionally divided into 2 components: the development of settlements and research of dungeons. The latter in the standard scheme consist of locations in which opponents, merchants, character improvements, equipment, followers for recruitment to cult, bosses, etc.

Dome Keeper

Dome Keeper -combines elements such as survival, cuckling, improvement of the base and the development of the character. The gameplay of this at first glance very simple game comes down to two actions-periodic protection of a small base from waves of strange extraterrestrial creatures and the extraction of resources under the base, they are necessary to unlock improvements and repair. The Roguelike element includes new buildings that you unlock in case of successful completion of the match or with damage.


Moonscars can be briefly described as gloomy fantasy metroide with a set of standard mechanics wrapped in extremely attractive pixel style and smooth animations of movements. In general, I added the game to the list for the greater extent due to stylistics, because the gameplay is not different from any other metroid.

You still move along the locations created according to the standards of platformers, kill hostile opponents using various combat techniques, from a regular attack to parrying, accumulate experience, opening passive gain, get a local analogue of souls necessary to improve the character, open new types weapons, etc. However, it is worth noting that the combat system turned out to be very good, not too simple (jam the opponents with 1 button), but not too complicated.

Nine Sols

Nine Sols -Chen-Platformer, wrapped in amazing cartoon design and a slightly strange Asian theme with impurities of Sci-Fi elements of the future. Players have to try on the role of an unusual creature named Yi (I still did not understand whether this is a cat or a fox), the task of which is the 9th bosses of the current order.

The Nine Sols game process combines the elements of the study of locations for collecting Laura, which are quite a few, battles using mechanics for the sake of conducting particularly strong impacts and the development of the character.

The Cub

The CUB -sed a platformer on this list, however, without a battle system and RPG elements, just an exciting adventure of the protagonist. According to the plot, the Earth was swallowed by an environmental disaster and the richest people flew to Mars, leaving the rest to die with an imperfect world. Among the survivors is our main hero-boy, at the height of the disaster, he found himself in the forest, found a new family in the person of a flock of wolves and gained immunity to an updated environment.

After some time, those who flew decided to check how things were on Earth and during certain events found the boy, deciding to catch him right away. From this moment, your adventure begins, or rather a flight in the wild and ruins of a former civilization.

Beneath Oresa

Beneath Oresa -card (KKI) Rogalik with visual design in the style of the Borderlands series and a very unusual medieval Sci-Fi style. The gameplay has chosen all the standard KKI-mechanics of such games, and is built according to the same rules.

You move around the grid (map) of events, periodically encountering ordinary \ elite opponents, bosses, merchants, random events. The battle system implies alternate stretching of cards with appropriate actions, while they are immediately reproduced, allowing you to see a beautiful 3D animation. New cards are issued as a reward, and existing can be improved, and in the latter case, often there are several variations of pumping in cards.

And finally, before you start a new race, you can choose modifiers and characters, each has its own special bonuses and group percrows.


Railbound \ is a simple puzzle with a pleasant design, in which the player needs to lay the way in order to correctly attach wagons to the composition. In total, the game will have over 100 levels and despite the fact that this article is devoted to PC-games, I would recommend it for mobile devices, since both versions should be released at the same time.

Potion Permit

Potion Permit -adventure game with the open world, in which players have to collect resources, fight with magical creatures, develop relations with the NPC and improve buildings. According to the plot of the protagonist-fardtest hero, they sent to the aid in a small town, whose inhabitants until a certain time believed only in, so to speak, traditional medicine.

From what it was possible to see, the main gameplay is mostly reduced to the analysis of diseases of residents, the search for resources in the open world, the creation of medicines for diseases, the gradual development of relations with residents and the restoration of various structures in the city (starting from a personal dwelling ending with third-party buildings).

Midnight Fight Express

Midnight Fight Express -Attractive isometric fighting, which allows the player to feel like a master of street battle. The gaming process Midnight Fight Express does not seem very interesting and outstanding on the surface, but this is only until you are aware of the main features of the game-abuse. Various objects and interactive things are scattered in levels, ideal for eliminating opponents. Starting from chairs, barrels of kerosene, knives ending with trains and snipers.

In addition, there is a character development system that opens up new ways to eliminate opponents, a timer of the mission and rating.


ABOVE SNAKES -the is a pretty isometric survival with an unusual system for building the world of the game. The survival element is made according to the standard scheme in the form of 4 basic needs, water, sleep, psychological condition. Following them, you begin to collect resources to create basic tools, various machines and the simplest house. Well, and further according to the tagged scheme, we move to more advanced tools, structures, etc.

Despite the standard survival element, the key highlight of the game is how the world works. Initially, you start on a small square plot of the Earth, and the rest is already set by the player as it develops, by the way, you yourself are gradually creating the world in which you will play.

Beautiful Mystic Survivors

If you put it simply and briefly, Beautiful Mystic Survivors -this is more advanced in terms of graphics version of Vampire Survivors with various wifs in the role of all available characters, in fact, only because of the combination of the last two things, it got into this list. If you have never played such games, then you can characterize it as an isometric sideline in the Shoot ‘Em Up genre, where it all comes down to the destruction of the hordes of opponents and the collection of various objects.

The gameplay is quite non-trivial and simple, since the character himself attacks and casts various spells, and you can only remember what exactly does this or that object and select the most suitable combinations of objects.


Necrosmith -Ahly funny almost tactical simulator of the necromancer, in it you need to create creatures to protect your castle, study the world, capture all kinds of structures. The gameplay can be called simple and slightly complicated and it comes down to 5 tasks-combinations of 6 parts of the body, you need to create creatures for researching the world, with their help to capture structures, gradually improve your castle, beat off enemy attacks and finally destroy opponents settlements.

The only difficulty lies only in combining parts of the body, because they have their own unique characteristics and features. At the very beginning, only parts of the skeleton are available to you, but as they study the world, soldiers collect more and more advanced options. In the end result, you can create a creature with the head of the robot, the body of the orc, the harpies, with the hands of the dragon.

Subterran: Mines of Titan

Subterran: Mines of Titan -isometric step by step RPG with elements and pixel style. The game takes place in the distant future in a half-abandoned space settlement, with which for unknown reasons they lost contact. The main character is the girl Addison Thorpe, who was able to find a salvation team trying to find out what happened in the end.

Once in this difficult situation, your main task is to take every day, taking care of the basic needs and needs of the station, gradually developing the character, and only then try to delve into a difficult plot tie.

We who are ABOUT To Die

In the conclusion of the list, I decided to place the game with a rather interesting idea, but, alas, with a number of unpleasant moments, for example, animation of some movements. In fact, We who are ABOUT To DIE is the simulator of the gladiator of ancient Rome, offering the player to plunge into the world of bloody battles for the fun of the audience. The essence of the game is very simple, choose a gladiator with a set of random characteristics and in one life you are trying to rise from the dirty combat holes to a majestic jacket.

Each victory brings you various resources, they can be spent on equipment, character improvements and additional services. Well, in the event of the defeat, you will have to start all over again for a new gladiator.