How to solve that Dying Light C

Although Dying Light has been available since 2016, fans still play cooperatively. But where there are functions online, there is the possibility that something goes wrong. If you have problems connecting with friends, here are how you can fix Dying Light if the cooperative does not work .

It is difficult to determine where everything went wrong, so the best approach is the elimination process. We will give you several methods to fix the Dying Light cooperative, listed from the easiest solution to the most difficult.

How to fix the Dying Light cooperative if it doesn’t work

Before playing with anything, verify that servers are really running. Most of the time, problems derive from the PlayStation or Xbox servers are simply fallen at this time. You can check it on PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, they are simply inactive.

Restable your Internet connection

Modems experience mistakes several times as time passes. This can affect the performance of your modem and, in turn, the power of your Internet connection. You can perform a complete restoration by disconnecting the modem, waiting for 60 seconds and connecting it again.


Change the type of nat

Each Dying Light platform is affected by the type of NAT. A more restrictive type of NAT can make something as simple as the voice chat is incompatible with other players. Some types of NAT cannot interact with each other, such as Nat 3 that connect to Nat 1, but not Nat 2 or Nat 3.

In Xbox consoles:

  • Open the guide and choose system (the gear icon).
  • Select network configuration on the general tab. If the type of NAT is configured in open, it is ready to start. If not, keep going.
  • Within advanced configuration, choose Mac alternative address. Clean it up.
  • If that does not work, take step 3 but choose selection of alternative port instead. Choose manual.
  • Select a different port to what kind of NAT is you configured in open.

For PlayStation consoles:

  • Log in the network configuration of your router.
  • Look for UPNP or Universal Plug and Play and enable the option.
  • Assign a static IP address to your PlayStation and modify the rules of port forwarding.
  • Add the TCP 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480 or UDP 3478 and 3479.

On PC:

Start the system symbol and write ipconfg *. Copy the IPv4 address.
* Open the control panel. Go to the Shared Networks and Resources Center and open the activation network of your PC.
* Go to properties> Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPV4). Write the IPV4 address in the IP address field. Close all.
* Access the network configuration of your router. Locate the DMZ server option and write the same IPV4 address.

Of the two options available, the reason The Dying Light cooperative does not work very well can be what its type of NAT is configured. If your friend’s type of NAT is incompatible with his, he will refuse to work.

When you satiate from Dying Light, try his sequel, Dying Light 2 or reads our interview with the main designer of Techland games.

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