The Netmarble Cultural Foundation recruits participants in 2022 Netmarble Online Game Communication School

-The family with elementary school children can apply until June 25th **

-Provalent understanding of the game and how to communicate with family communication among families

The Netmarble Cultural Foundation announced that it will recruit families to participate in the 2022 Netmarble Online Game Communication School.

‘Game Communication School’, which has been in progress since 2016 by the Netmarble Cultural Foundation, is a program that informs the characteristics and use of the game to elementary school students and parents nationwide for healthy family game culture. Since 2020, it has been in the form of online education in line with the Corona 19 situation.

‘Game Communication School’ can be applied to anyone with elementary school children, and can be registered through notice on the Netmarble Cultural Foundation’s homepage until the 25th. Participation costs are free of charge and will be guided individually whether to participate.


The Netmarble Cultural Foundation will provide a total of 200 families to understand the game and how to communicate with the game, and distribute the video and activity material kits in real-time online training. Online education can be selected once on Saturday and Sunday from July 9 to August 7.

Lee Na-young, Secretary General of the Netmarble Cultural Foundation, said, The game communication school, which has been sustained since 2016, has been promoting the opportunity for the right game culture in the family through the participation of many families of 2,600 families. We hope that many families will actively participate by diversifying experience activities and expanding their participation through online operation.

On the other hand, the Netmarble Cultural Foundation, which was launched in 2018 to expand the value of healthy game culture, foster future creative talents, and spread the culture of sharing, is a variety of areas: ‘Culture’, ‘Raising Talent’, and ‘Sharing Mind’ He is also carrying out specialized social contribution activities.