Sidney Raebiger moves from Leipzig to Fürth

Raebier receives a contract in Fürth until 2025. The initial contract of the midfielder in Leipzig ran till 2024. RB will be joining a feasible resale according to Fürthtails. We are really delighted that of the largest German young talents has purposely gone with the game organization, said Fürth’s managing director Sport Rachid Azzouzi in journalism release of the cloverlate.

Raebiger, as the youngest player in the Leipzig club background in August 2021, had actually celebrated his competitive launching in the DFB Cup versus SV Sandhausen as well as his Bundesliga launching versus FSV Mainz in January, he is the 4th youngest Bundesliga player of all time. While the midfield skill in Leipzig seldom came on, he ought to now obtain the possibility to collect and also create video game method in Fürth.

The right decision for me

For the Fürthers, Raebiger gets the number 6. The Fürther those accountable have actually attempted very tough as well as I am convinced that the action to the cloverleaf is the appropriate choice for me, said the new addition. The Center Franconia are presently in the training school in Saalfelden. From tomorrow, Raebiger will get on the training ground.