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Netmarble High Squad Test until the 21st

[occupation mode Park Ye-jin reporter] Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) announced on the 14th that it will conduct a global alpha test for PC online Battle Royale ‘High Squad’.

The Alpha Test will be held on the 21st of today (end of 2 am as of 2 am), and will be held on the global game distribution platform Steam (STEAM).

This test supports the survival mode and the occupation mode battle on the Cagliostro map. First of all, the survival mode, which can be enjoyed by three-person squad or solo play, will be fought against the Grayfield, which gradually narrows over time, and covers the final winning team.

The occupation mode, which is carried out with a three-person squad, will be departed from the game if the occupation is not secured until the end of each round, and the team that secures the final occupation in the final round will win.


The three-person squad survival mode can be enjoyed at any time during the test, and the solo play survival mode and the three-person squad occupation mode can only be played at certain times according to each local server.

Netmarble offers all users who participate in the test to commemorate the Alpha Test.

Meanwhile, the High Square is a real-time battle royale game in the future of the city, and will be officially serviced through Steam.