I am futurely reveals the armageddon to the cumulative guerrillary cheerfully

We bet that this ironic predisposition of excellent humor to resell serves at the Armenian studio Mandragora to separate themselves from the mass. Anticipated outing on computer, in 2022.

studio Mandragora video


Everyone is dead, yet why groan? Here we are at the top of a Cosmopolis structure, a post-apo city and also attacked by lavish and also outstanding greenery. The weather is great, we are furnished with a bionic and also multi-function arm, it depends on us to rebuild everything with thesmile _. Along with bringing your cozy little nest, cooking tiny meals with scattered sources, you will certainly have to go on an exploration to the surrounding regions toLootereverything that can be used, and even satisfy new close friends, such as talking fridges.

Allow us not ment, I am future looks, from a point of sightGameplay _, to lots of inded survival titles, specifically titles offered throughout this Summer Game Fest.

The armageddon must not prevent us from having a light mind and the green hand. It is the wager of I AM Future, a sandbox survival game from Armenia, and also modified by the American Tinybuild.