How to assemble Snap in Fortnite

Snap is a new character in Fortnite, whom players can set up on their own. It comes with four different parts of the body that needs to be changed, and in order to get these parts, you need to find tootons of the Tover. When you reach the ninth level (45 combat stars), you will unlock Snap.

How to assemble Snap in Fortnite

SNAP is supplied pre-collected with its details by default, but to change the skin, go to your combat pass Find a snpe. Snap will be on page 1, which is on the main page, so go to SNAP and click on its image to configure it (click A on Xbox or X on PlayStation). You can change your head, arms, legs or torso from there.

Snap skin is supplied with the 21st version of the head, 21 versions of the arms, six legs options and three torso options. They can be unlocked by performing various quests. To unlock all these quests, you must redeem the Assemble Snap skin on the first page of the premium military pass.

What are tokens tokens in Fortnite?

You can also unlock the latches by collecting the tover tootons on the map. Tover Tokens is a collecting item that can contain Snap pieces. The tokens are scattered in different places in the third season Fortnite, chapter 3, and they can be found in different places.

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