[General] What is the new work prepared by Indie Artisan? Divolber Digital Showcase

Indie Game Publisher Divolber’s online showcase, Divolber Digital 2022, which is likely to watch a unique B-class movie, was released on the 10th.

Mary Juke’s acting was still the best in B-class sensitivity with realistic acting, but the most eye-catching video was the host Suda Goichi (51), a famous developer of ‘No-More Heroes’. Suda Koichi appeared as a fictional character Mecca 51 in the machine and smiled.

In addition to acting in the showcase, four popular games with distinctive emotions were also released.

■ Cult of Ram-2022.08.11.

The amount of cute and gentle is sometimes rough. The hardcore action ‘Cult of Ram’ confirmed the release date on August 11 through the showcase.

‘Cult of Ram’ has a story that the amount of binge is to establish its own denomination and make followers. It includes a builder element that explores various areas, develops villages, and a life simulator element that cultivates crops and makes food.

But the biggest feature of the game is its unique rough action. You can check the video play with a unique production that looks like a burnt offering of Don Stab or Isaac and a dynamic battle.

** ■ Angger Foot-20123

A new action that boasts a unique production that crosses the boundaries between cartoons and games. At first-person view, the breathtaking vision, colorful colors, and attacks using firearms are noticeable, but the most emphasized is the attack that uses feet as shown in the title of the game.

If you kick the door with your feet, the flying door smashes the enemy, or when you kick a drum, it can cause a big explosion. It also tramples the enemy on the floor. After jumping, two feet are kicked in intersection, but they are so utilized that they can attack the enemy without dilos while loading the gun.

Meanwhile, after the trailer video was released, Mecca Suda 51 kicked the door.

** ■ Flucky Squire-20123

A game of a fairy tale book featuring a magical adventure that realizes the existence of a three-dimensional world outside the book and crosses fairy tales and reality. According to these settings, 2D and 3D show a completely different direction.

In 2D, you can meet a number of gameplay that has been played with a tower-like action that looks like a legend of the old Zelda with a manga-like graphic. On the other hand, in the real world, an action adventure-based game that explores 3D worlds continues. In addition, on the label on the cylinder, you can also check the game play that covers 2D and 3D, such as a belt scroll shooter game.

The game will be released in 2023.

■ Skate Story-In 20123

A 3D skate action game that looks like a gemstone with a gemstone and a real space and a dreamy space.

The player is a demon of the underworld made of glass and pain, and it looks like a polygon. However, unlike the appearance that seems to be stiff, the movement itself is smooth and the smaller movement is moved realistically, raising the build of the skate action itself.

In fact, Skate Story seems to emphasize the visual features, but you can perform more than 70 different skate tricks, including Oli and Kick Flip. It is also possible to learn little by little through various quests, and you can get new tricks and equipment to defeat or influence evil devils.

It is music that pairs in this gameplay. The psychedelic music is combined with the unique atmosphere of the game, conveying the exciting and cozy feeling.

‘Skate Story’ will be released on Steam in 2023.