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Your house of the Dead Remake: Abdominal muscle sofort mit PlayStation Move

At the end of April, the technically and playfully revised remake of the Arcade shooter traditional The House of the Dead was released for PlayStation 4.

As the responsible developers confessed behind the new edition before the release, the The Home of the Dead remake was published for PlayStation 4 without the support of the PlayStation Move-Periphery. After it was assured during the equivalent announcement that the support of PlayStation Move will be sent, a cost-free upgrade is currently available for the support of PlayStation Move.


a traditional returns

With the remake of The Residence of the Dead, the popular arcade as well as Saturn shooter returns from Sega. The remake is available at a cost of virtually 25 euros and concentrates on the fate of the two special agents Logan and also G, which is rapidly challenged with an unforgiving struggle permanently and also death in an expected routine.

Additional reports on The Home of the Dead.

Both lead characters bring out investigations in an apparently abandoned chateau home as well as encounter a dark secret. Throughout the campaign, the representatives conserve scientists that are entailed in the disorder, freeze against spooky bosses and also unlock acronyms or various rewards.