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Who is a terrible wolf in the next Dragon Age game?

BioWare reported that the upcoming Dragon Age game will be called Dragon Age: A terrible wolf . This name will be well known to fans of the series, as it is closely connected with an important figure in the world of Dragon Age. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will finally bring into life the plot lines laid in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition. The main character presented in the Inquisition will be the center of Dreadwolf’s attention, since his ambitions and plans will be implemented.

Who is a terrible wolf?

A terrible wolf is part of the great knowledge of the Dragon Age universe, and the name is a reference to the elven demigod. The terrible wolf, they say, was a deceiver and was responsible for caught a trap of all other elven gods millennium ago.

At the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition, it turns out that a terrible wolf has been walking among the player all this time. It turns out that the elven ally of the Inquisitor SOLAS all this time was a terrible wolf, and his real name Fen’harele. Initially, Solas introduced himself as a self-taught magician, who has a lot of philosophical thoughts about the history of the world. At first he makes the impression of a chic, but well-intentioned magician, but it turns out that all this was a trick, and he adjusts something.


Fans have been aware for many years that a terrible wolf will become an important part of the next Dragon Age. The next Dragon Age game was first announced back in 2018, and BioWare distributed the hashtag #Thedredwolfrises to social media. Biovar confirms that SOLAS will be the main character in the DREADWOLF game, while the company implies that the use of SOLAS the namesake as a subtitle of the game leads to endless opportunities.

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