[MSI] T1, 4 sets of one room until the end… I made a full set


Korea’s LCK T1 won four sets of MSI finals and took the game to a full set.

On the 29th, the League of Legends (LOL) International e-Sports Competition MSI (MSI Invitational) finals were held in BEXCO, Busan.

In the early four sets, Lisin of ‘Way’ Yan Yangway succeeded in the top ganging and defeated the nard of ‘Zeus’ Choi. RNG once again stabbed the tower around 9 minutes, but the attack was endless due to the joining of the T1.

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Since then, the T1 has released a messenger to the tower to demolish the tower and increase the game tempo.

Since then, RNG attacked ‘Vin’ Chen Jebin’s Camille, ‘Xiaohu’ Lee Yuan Hao Ari, and ‘Ming’ Shisen Ming’s Leona.

The two teams, who continued to erase their view and had a tight nerve war, fought in front of the third dragon. Nar began to break, but the weight of the T1 dealers started to tilt the weight toward the T1.

The T1, which raised its momentum, also floated ace in the last war and advanced to the Nexus and dragged the finals to the full set.