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What are valuable production zones in COD Warzone?

Raven Software, developer Call of Duty: Warzone, is constantly trying to improve the condition and functions of the game. Subsequently, a new game mechanic High Value Loot Zones was added to Warzone Pacific with the update of Season 3 Reloaded.

where to find high-cost production zones in Warzone

As the name implies, in the prey zone there is a huge number of objects of high rarity with high value. Available in standard modes of the Battle Royale game on the Caldera map, the High Value Loot Zones zones are marked with the sign of the dollar ($) on the tactical card of each player.

How do you work zones with high value in Warzone?

Several such zones are scattered on the map, and each covers a small designated area. These places are randomly generated and can be any popular or unpopular attractions (POI) in the Calder. In the zones of prey with high value, you can find huge amounts of money, legendary rare items and numerous supplies with supplies. However, be vigilant, as enemies will also come for prey.

objects that can be found in the prey zones with high value

Below is a list of various items that you can find as ground production and from boxes with supplies in areas with high value:

TOP 5 LANDING SPOTS for the BEST GUNS in Warzone Pacific
* Big heaps of money
* Legendary and epic rare weapons
* Relocation and tokens of the Gulag
* Satchels with perks
* Numerous field improvements and a series of murders
* Other items such as armor bags, strong gas masks, Speed Boost bonuses and much more.

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