Our mobile selection of the week: Well Always have Paris, a capital story


Since the boom in the indoor game, notably carried by the arrival of Steam and the democratization of development tools, we have seen multiplying the playing experiences exploring both daring artistic directions as really singular narrative biases. As an official herald of the mobile game, I can only congratulate myself that this movement also contaminated these platforms, or even participate fully in the emergence of some nuggets of the genre. I also have a very recent example of this kind of radical titles which focus more on the story than on the GamePlay, but which skillfully use our media to better touch us in the heart. This game is called We’ll Always have Paris.

For a short day, we play Simon, a Canadian expatriate in Paris where he met his wife Claire and opened his own restaurant. Together, they adopted Arthur when he was a year old, and lived, it seems, a happy life, even if Simon would have liked to be more present for his family. Today, he is retired and watches over his wife who seems to fade day by day behind the terrible fog of a degenerative disease evoking Alzheimer. The doctors explained to him the inexorable progression of the troubles and this memory which gradually fades, making her totally dependent on him. But of course, he remains by his side, always. He loves her as on the first day and wants to do everything so that she can enjoy this life as much as possible.