Free for Android & iOS: Battle-Royale

With Apex Legends, Electronic Arts seems to have landed a real surprise hit. The Battle Royale shooter has been very popular for some time-and the trend is rising. Now the company has taken the next logical step and has also released the successful cashier on mobile – free of charge for Android & iOS.

Apex Legends: EAS free-to-play shooter ends up on the cell phone

Apex Legends has been a real burner on the console and the PC for a long time, Now EAS FREE Battle Royale hit is also starting on mobile.

The shooter for Android & iOS smartphones is now available- players can find the game in the Google Play Store and in the App Store.

APEX Legends Mobile

Developer: Electronic Arts

Free on Google Play

APEX Legends Mobile

Developer: Electronic Arts

Free in the Apple App Store

The start seems to have been successful – at least that suggests the first numbers in the Google Play Store. The game has already been downloaded there over 10 million times and over 160,000 times – an average of 4.5 stars.

_Zum Mobile start there is also a new trailer from Apex Legends: _

How do mobile, PC and console version differ?

Immediately in advance: Apex Legends Mobile does not support Cross Play . So smartphone players have no way to play with their friends on the console or PC.

But that is not the only difference in the new Android and iOS version. In addition to the classic Battle Royale mode, players can also compete with other gamers in the Team Deathmatch . This is particularly useful to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics of the game.

In addition, the mobile version offers a exclusive character called Fade , which is still missing in the console and PC version. His three special skills:

slipstream: * Passive ability to give the bland a short boost of his movement of movement after slipping.
Flashback: Tactical ability to teleport the fade back to an earlier position.
phase chamber: Ultimate ability that triggers an explosion and all players in explosion radius makes immune to damage for a short time – but also prevents the players hit from being able to do damage.

The Mobile Start of Apex Legends is likely to drive up the number of players of the Battle Royale shooter even further. The game is already one of the most popular games on Steam and is currently being played by over 300,000 players at the same time ** (source: Steam charts).