Pokemon Go: How to complete the challenge of capture aquatic festival 2022

In Pokémon Go has begun a new temporary event called Aquatic Festival 2022, which stands out for having its own capture challenge . In the next guide we are going to put a cable to complete it and take your corresponding awards.

How to complete the Capture Challenge 2022 Aquatic Festival

This new challenge is composed of a series of missions that you can complete at the same time. In addition, all of them will share a series of very similar objectives that will consist of catch the water type Pokémon that you see down the street and that will appear more frequently than normal.

In turn, there are also a few that will be necessary for you to catch them by making curved ball throws. To do this you will have to click on the Poké Ball that you are going to throw, keep the screen pressed, start turning with your finger and throw it to shoot with a curved movement.

In case it serves as a motivation not to ignore the challenge, for completing it you will get prizes such as megaenergy for Gyarados, an encounter with the newcomer Dewpider or also another with a Lapras equipped with a scarf. Of course, hurry up because you will have the deadline until May 20 .




Capture 15 Pokémon


Poké Ball X20

Capture 50 Pokémon


Super Ball X25

Capture 25 water type Pokémon


Ultra Ball X25

Make 25 launches with a curved ball


Meeting with DeWpider

Capture 10 different Pokémon


Gyarados megaenergy x50

Pokémon GO Water Festival 2022 Event Guide!

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