FC Bayern: Lewandowski? Nagelsmann refers to Bavaria

The unexplained future of top scorer Robert Lewandowski continues to make the headlines at FC Bayern before the last game of the season. Coach Julian Nagelsmann has now catered for the vertebrae around world footballer Robert Lewandowski.

“The attitude of the club, my attitude to Robert is known, the contractual situation is known,” said the coach on Friday at the press conference before the last game of the season at VfL Wolfsburg. “I do not provide any information about all other topics that take place in discussions, but these are things that you can ask the player and also Hasan (Salihamidzic, editor’s note).”

Nagelsmann also referred to the confidentiality with interviews with his players. “In general, I never talk about things that I discuss with players in four eyes. They are never intended for the public,” said Nagelsmann. “You have to ask Robert yourself.”

Lewandowski “trained very well” and was also “very committed”. The top scorer will be in the starting eleven against Wolfsburg as usual, the master coach announced.

Nagelsmann: Lewandowski “In my planning in as normal”

On top of that, he referred to the valid contract of Lewandowski on request: “He is quite normal in my planning.” He “has a good exchange with him”.

In the past few days, the signs had compressed that Lewandowksi could leave Bayern in summer. Finally, the “kicker” now wrote that the pole was striving for a change after the season. FC Barcelona is said to be his desired destination.

Previously, contracting speeches between Lewandowski and FC Bayern had stalled over an extension of the contract until 2023.

Nagelsmanns board member Hasan Salihamidzic has so far excluded the attacker’s farewell farewell this summer.

All statements from the Bayern PK to read:

+++ Nagelsmann about Zirkzee +++

“This is also a topic for Hasan. He plays a good season, has a good quota. Cader planning is made up of many factors. We have not yet made a decision on this day.”

+++ Nagelsmann about the master celebration +++

“I didn’t know yet that I had to get a song on. It was not really exulting, it is not as emotional as I hoped for. One season. Now escalating because I have won the bowl once, I would find a little inappropriate. I will be happy, but I am already a moment of the players. “

+++ Nagelsmann via Coman +++

“He is an incredible good character, has incredibly great empathy and is a good connecting player. He has an incredible social flash and is probably one of the best one-on-one players in the world. When he is fit, one of these differences is one of these differences, that we need. He is now blocked three games, I think that’s a hard decision. We would like to have it with me again. “

+++ Nagelsmann via newcomer Mazraoui +++

“There is none with n1. We are far with Mazraoui. I did not feel that we had to do a lot of persuasion. These are the players we need to play here. I am happy to have such a hungry player To get. But that’s not yet through, so we don’t have to talk about it in detail yet. “

+++ Is Lewandowski unhappy at FC Bayern? +++

“He does not complain and did not say that. In the goal shot statistics, Lewy is in first place with 150 shots this season in second place. So he doesn’t have. I don’t know whether he is 100 percent satisfied. “

+++ Nagelsmann about the video wall +++

“It was a test phase to test the image quality in the event of sunlight. You won’t see so much of it next season. But it will be an important tool for us. We will then no longer have to go down the auditorium. We will be a new one Camera system will have from next season and can then cut live. We want to develop the team further and play a better season. The video wall will make a small contribution. “

+++ Is there a Nagelsmann veto against a Lewandowski sale? +++

“Important credo of my coaching: don’t take it too important. Insert a veto somewhere, that’s not my business. This is always a cooperation with Hasan and Oliver Kahn. I am not important enough for a veto and it will stay that way.

+++ How often does Nagelsmann speak to Lewandowski? +++

“I have meet more often. I know what his attitude is. But we don’t have to refresh that every day. We are both at an age when we don’t have to remember our attitude every day.”

+++ Nagelsmann about Stanisic and Wanner +++

“Stanisic will start tomorrow and get a chance tomorrow. He is a very reliable player who always does his performance. As a coach, you always know that you can bring him. Of course, the competitive situation will not be easier next year. But that’s Still Bayern Munich. If you choose it, then there is competition. To Paul: He is 16 years old and a young professional near Bavaria. That was too restless in the background, I didn’t like that. He was allowed to do so in this Year not to play U19 games. And the one he made did not smack my ears. He is a young player who is talented and still has time to develop. He accelerates gas in training and tries. But we have no hustle and bustle. He needs playing time and will also get it here. But it is advisable to keep calm. It does not help to let this topic open for two weeks. “

+++ Nagelsmann about a future without Lewy, Roca and Tolisso before change? +++

“I don’t have to imagine that. He is quite normal in my plans. Marc Roca and Tolisso have no exemptions, both are sick and will probably not go to Wolfsburg. They could not train, you can’t predict exactly with that. This has nothing to do with future planning. “

+++ Nagelsmann about the new season and the summer +

“Of course I have a bit of vacation, but we are in the hot planning phase. We will start again on July 8th, then only have two weeks of training. In July the trip to the USA is planned and then the winter World You as a player then put your legs up. This time the hot phase is pending. You also have to think about what that means when further highlights follow after a highlight World Cup. “

+++ Nagelsmann’s season balance +++

“I liked the first round over long distances. We had a very bad preparation because we didn’t have the team. Think – many things implemented really well. Disestructions then have the constancy in the second half of the season, where we were no longer in the flow in the decisive season phase. Then of course many corona topics that displeased me. That was certainly not so good for Our world that this pandemic has taken place. For our small football club. Master are still – also deserved. I once took a look at the statistics: we actually got better in all statistics and actually have 111 goals after Expected Goals Shooting. But I also have to shoot that it is not a sure -fire success to train Bavaria. There will certainly be a more annoying coach next year. “

+++ Nagelsmann via Lewandowski +++

“I can say that he trained very well and did a good goals. He will be in the starting eleven tomorrow. My attitude to Robert is known, the contractual situation is known. I do not provide any information about anything. Questions or the Hasan. Basically, I never talk about things that I discuss with players under four eyes. “

+++ Nagelsmann thanks the journalists +++

“Thank you very much for the collaboration, which was always very pleasant for you. For me too. Now I am here again next year and will give the answers to your questions with the best of our knowledge and belief. For the season: I yesterday about the site Silked up and noticed how quickly a year pass. It is not that we have been champions for ten weeks, so it’s entertaining and then unfortunately quickly over. “

+++ Let’s go +++

The press conference of FC Bayern in Munich begins in these minutes. Julian Nagelsmann sits ready and is waiting for the questions.

+++ leaves Lewandowski FC Bayern? +++

What sounded like a crazy rumor for a long time is currently becoming more and more likely: Robert Lewandowski could possibly leave Bayern in summer and are looking for a new challenge. Finally, the “kicker” now wrote that the pole was striving for a change after the season. FC Barcelona is said to be his desired destination.

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In the past few months, contracting speeches between Lewandowski and FC Bayern have stalled over an extension of the contract running until 2023. What does Nagelsmann think about the highly explosive personnel?

+++ Super run of the reserve player in Wolfsburg? +++

Since the winning of the championship has been determined for weeks and FC Bayern no longer has any finals in front of the chest, the last game of the season in Wolfsburg could be used to easily end the season.
Will Nagelsmann give some players from the second row a chance of probation or can fans also look forward to all stars at VfL?